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  1. 4 hours ago, Nayr438 said:

    Where you added acpi=off, remove anything that says loglevel, quiet, or splash. Don't add acpi=off.

    @Nayr438 I have uploaded the video of me going through the above process. You can check the video here. Thanks for helping.


    Also, I have disabled secure boot and I have flashed the latest BIOS from MSI motherboard website.

  2. System Specs

    * Ryzen 9 3900X

    * Nvidia RTX 2080ti

    * MSI x570 gaming pro carbon wifi (updated bios to latest version from website)


    First problem, when I insert the live usb, I cannot get to boot into ubuntu without using acpi=off. I have tried nomodeset. But without acpi=off, it will just not start (acpi_osi=Linux) also did not work.


    Second problem, when I issue the command install ubuntu, I get Executuing 'grub-install /dev/nvme0n1' failed - This is a fatal error. I have tried manual partitioning, but it will just not work. To work around this issue I had to install Ubuntu 18.04 (with the same acpi=off, otherwise this will also not open). Ubuntu 18.04 installed successfully.


    Third, then I got to ubuntu 18.04 installed nvidia-driver=450 from PPA (booted using acpi=off). Now when I start to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 from 18.04, The installation began but at the end, when grub could not be installed in /dev/nvme0n1 error was displayed. And it asked me if I should continue install or stop. I continued install but Ubuntu is a mess.


    Can someone please help me, I paid a lot of money for the system and now I am stuck without an OS (please I really need your help)?

  3. I will be getting a new PC delivered to me in the next 3 days. This is the first time I am getting a custom PC. The specs of the PC are:

    1. Ryzen 9 3900x
    2. MSI RTX 2080ti TRIO
    3. MSI x570 gaming pro carbon ac wifi
    4. NZXT kraken x63 cooler
    5. Samsung EVO 970 plus 1TB
    6. Corsair HX1000 power supply
    7. 32GB 3600MHZ RAM
    8. Cooler master H500m

    I am in that confusing stage where I don't know what is the best option for me. I would be using Ubuntu 20.04 only (for AI research). Can someone help me with these questions?

    1. Overclocking GPU (my use case for this PC would be always be GPU bound, so how to get the max performance out of my GPU without destroying it. There is nvidia-xserver-settings. Is it enough that I select the Max performance setting there, or is there something else that I have to do?)
    2. How to configure BIOS for best performance? Do you have some specific settings that I should adjust for increasing performance? I have never used modern graphical BIOS.
    3. There is something that people do to overclock their CPU so that Ryzen can use 3600 MHZ RAM more effectively (I think Ryzen supports 3200 MHZ by default)?