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  1. A y news on its price yet alli know is it launches on the 18th of November.
  2. No the cpus I keep forgetting its x sorry, amd makes it hard x this xt that just code name is enough. Thanks I'll stick with the 5600x then.
  3. I'm just waiting to pick up a 5600xt for my system but the salesman at the outlet says the 5800 is a better value cpu for the price, since I was planning on just to game and do some light work on it I'm thinking I won't need such a powerful cpu or should I get it as the salesman says?
  4. If I get a monitor with these specs : Samsung 29 inch curved uhd 1m-sec 120fps ultra-wide. Games : Command and conquer red alert remastered, COD, Fall guys, Among us, smite, overwatch, Battlefield V. These are the games I have for now.
  5. It's ultra wide but I didn't see the model number, the price is $999 and it's on offer (discounted)
  6. I'm still waiting on most of my orders from amazon, but most of the parts have arrived, Parts on waiting list: Ryzen R5 5600xt Crucial MX500 1tb m.2/2.5 inch ssd (x 2) Noctua nh-u12s chromax black CoolerMaster MWE 650W 650w 80+gold modular System plans CoolerMaster NR400 (Black) m-atx Ryzen R5 5600xt Noctua nh-u12s chromax black Asus TUF Gaming B550M Plus Corsair Vengeance LPX 3600mhz cl16 16gb (2x 8gb) Crucial MX500 1tb m.2 (operating system) Crucial MX500 1tb 2.5 inch ssd (Games) GPU : undecided Cooler
  7. I saw this on sale in asiantech (electr$onics store) for $65 usd/$85 it comes in 3 switches (red/blue/green) I was thinking of getting the green seeing youtube says they are speed switches Do you guys think it's a good buy?
  8. This is my plan for my gaming / work pc but I still need some suggestions on my keyboard and mouse. I work at a bank so my work depends on mostly on memos and stock calculations, so it doesn't really use compute power. Corsair 4000d airflow white Ryzen R5 5600xt (pre-ordered) AsRock b550m steel legend Corsair Vengeance LPX 3600mhz cl16 16gb Crucial MX500 1tb m.2 ssd (work) WD Blue 1tb ssd (Games) Waiting to see rtx 3070 or amd option CoolerMaster MWE 650w 80+ gold Peripherals Kingston Hyper X cloud ii Kingston Hyper X
  9. Found that keyboard but it's switches are silver speed switches are those any good? It's the last one in stock.
  10. I was planning to get the fractal design meshify c mini but it's out of stock in my area. Any suggestions on an similar case?