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  1. I plan to upgrade only when it either starts malfunctioning past warranty, or it gets to the point where minimum required specs are too high that I can't run new games at all or its unplayable even at like 720p. Had a 8800gt for years before that died (2007-2010) swapped with 6870 until it died ~2014, was only playing gw2 on IGPU for several months until I got a 960, that card still works. Then I was looking to buy a VR capable card. When the 20* series came out I felt the 2070 was too expensive so I ended up getting a 1070ti for $350. Great card as it runs DOOM VFR and Eternal fas
  2. I got the E-Element Z-88 60% with Outeumu red switches. IMO the outeumu red is quieter and softer compared to my other Cherry red keyboard.