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    Fairly new to tech. While I am interested in tech, I don't own any "impressive" piece of tech. I might not be able to hold conversations well but will do my best and will be glad if anyone is willing to talk to me.



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    Core 2 Duo E8400
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    2GB DDR2 800MHz
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    Windows 10
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    Huawei Y7 Prime 2018/Huawei Nova 2 Lite
  1. I do have an old dell around, a core 2 duo e8400 system with 4GB ddr2 and no graphics card. Im pretty sure the psu is 255w. Do you think i could stick something like a gtx750ti or a gt710 if needed? it could give me a pretty ok gaming experience since i only want to play valorant, minecraft and osu. this way should let me spend less on a new laptop and also have a "gaming" pc system
  2. I should probably add I'm considering studying computer engineering or sound engineering, and with the latter I'm not sure if it'd require much power
  3. Thanks for the response, perhaps your right about choosing laptops to help save a buck. But I'd like to play some games with friends from time to time. I'll consider your suggestion.
  4. Going to university, my siblings and I get a $1200 budget to buy a laptop. On the other hand, I've been considering buying a cheaper laptop for roughly $600 and building a PC. Here's what I have specced out, r5 3500x msi b450 tomahawk rx580 550w psu 500Gb ssd 16Gb 3000MHz (I have my own peripherals) Should I just buy a gaming laptop instead? Considering I can probably get a better specs on a laptop than if I split the budget.
  5. I want to buy a music player but if possible I'd like to avoid spending as much money as I would for a iPod 128GB. I don't think 32GB is acceptable, unless the storage is expandable
  6. my phone is a budget model, which might help to explain the less than satisfactory design
  7. i find it strange that the issue resolves itself when gaming. The latency from the phone to the earphones is noticeably higher, but Wi-Fi signals remain strong. Maybe the radio signals are just poorly optimized for Android 8.0? idk
  8. I'll just get straight to the point. I typically use 2 Bluetooth devices(earphones and fitness tracker) with my phone and connect to the Wi-Fi at the same time. I used to assume there was a hardware issue with my phone, where my Wi-Fi connection would always be really weak whenever I'm watching YouTube. I tried disconnecting one of the Bluetooth devices however, by using wired headphones instead. This made the Wi-Fi issue go away. Is this a problem specific to older phones? My phone is a Huawei from 2018. If I buy a modern 2020 phone would this still be an issue? As in would I be ab
  9. For context: My phone is a Huawei Nova 2 Lite, which I've used for about 1 year 10months. I use Nova Launcher on my phone rather than the Huawei Home launcher, but I doubt this has much to do with the issues I'm experiencing My phone has trouble maintaining a WiFi connection. This can occur at literally any time of the day regardless what I'm doing. Even if I leave my phone to rest for 12 hours with the only active app in the background being Mi Fit, sometimes if I just open YouTube to watch the latest LTT video I find that even with a supposedly "Excellent Connection", to a "Good
  10. i was trying to help my dad set up widgets on his iPhone X today and the instructions i found on the internet were just touch and hold a part of the screen and wait for minus icons to appear on the apps and a plus sign to appear top left of the screen. it didnt work though. Do I need to hold for a long time? Or do I need to download another separate app to get the widgets. His phone is currently on iOS 14.0.1 . Is this the correct version? Please help me out my dad was pretty bummed when it didnt work.
  11. April 24th: Apple releases the value iPhone SE 2020 July 21st: OnePlus dropped the then dubbed "Value king", the OP Nord August 1st: Google announces the Pixel 4a, a competitor to the Nord Today: Xiaomi kicks everyone in the balls and flips everyone off with their latest release So today Xiaomi has launched the Poco X3 [NFC] with these specs: Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G 6.67" FHD+ DotDisplay 120Hz refresh rate, 450nits(typ) 380nits(min), HDR10 Quad camera: 64MP main, 13MP ultrawide, 2MP depth, 2MP macro 5160mAH battery, 33W fast charge 6+64(base) u
  12. I'm looking to get a Pixel 4a next year, but I live in East Malaysia so I'm getting one from Singapore. But one thing I was told about getting phones from other countries is potential carrier compatibility issues. How does phone carrier compatibility work? Will I outright be unable to use my carrier? Or will I miss out on features? The service I use doesn't have anything special, literally only up to 3G. For what it's worth, my carrier is TuneTalk
  13. well in my original post i said my phone is the y7 prime 2018, though I concede it was easy to miss. as for router how do i check that? I live in Malaysia and i suspect even if I were to provide the model or internet provider it probably wont be relevant to many people