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  1. emaNyeZ


    that's also one of my problem, i cant open rockstar games launcher website. how do you fix this it says "This site can't be reached"
  2. emaNyeZ


    out of topic question but how do you fix this? i cant even open rockstar launcher website to download the launcher again, how to fix this? thanks
  3. emaNyeZ


    Hey guys! I vacuumed my pc once, will my pc be ok with that? I started vacuuming a while ago and i just searched to see if vacuuming pc is good, turns out it was bad so i stopped. Will my pc be ok with that?
  4. Hey guys! I want to buy new graphics card and i want to buy rtx 2060. Which brands are best? I have caught an eye on the brand zotac. Any suggestions on good brands? I dont want any issue because of brands after i buy my new graphics card. Thanks!
  5. so how do i fix this? should i change my ram into something much better and change it to 16gb?
  6. Should I change my GPU (GTX 1050ti) or should I just have to add some ram in my computer (because I have problems with FPS and even DOTA2 has FPS problems) or should I change both? I have already asked people here and they said that I should change my GPU because GTX 1050ti si low-end GPU and my 8gb ram is just OK and doesn't need to be upgraded/changed. What do you guys think? I need suggestions, thanks! There's a pic of my task manager so that you can see what's the problem .
  7. Aight got it! What brands are best for 1660?
  8. I read comments in a video on youtube earlier that 5500xt is not that good for the price. So should I go for 1660 super?
  9. Ohh okay. Thanks anyways
  10. I think i'll go for 1660 super, ive researched stuffs about this and 1660 super always comes 1st or second.
  11. I have $200-300 budget. What should i buy with this money
  12. What should I buy RX 580, RX 5500 XT or 1660 super? any suggestions? Thanks!
  13. what would you prefer to suggest RX 580 or RX 5500 XT?