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  1. they are this also seems to usally only happen when my laptop is plugged in even if the mode is set to power saver
  2. So my laptop cpu (I7-10510U) no overclocking or anything just stock atm is reaching 104C degrees and maybe even higher when im not monatering it and would like to know how this can be fixed and if its a big issue, also the fact that playing a game like minecraft or roblox or even soemtimes at idle i can reach this high! Thanks! P.S. im using HWINFO 64 bit to monater everything and otehr programs show the same result following by that my laptop has NOT crashed or shutdown at all either.
  3. ok but i started to lag after that so i shut my laptop down right after so u sure its ok?
  4. so it wount die in a few days to a few weeks and it will continue to work as if this didnt happen correct?
  5. thanks for the reasurring so to be clear my cpu wont die in a few days to weeks correct and will continue to work as if this didnt happen?
  6. i ran it with nothing open i restarted my laptop and then ran it and got a score of 1323 this time
  7. oh crap ok so the score for multi core of my procsessor online for CR20 is 1523 and mine was 1320.... is CR20 supossed to use all of my GHz? cuz it was not using over 3 GHz out of my max turbo of 4.90 Ghz