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  1. I've come to the conclusion to just switch the case and fans so now i can use the Corsair iCue Lighting Node Core that comes with the case. Thanks for your input anyways.
  2. That kind of setup would be such an overkill since i plan to be using 7 argb fans. So i'd like to be using one 6 port controller and the last fan on the 2nd argb header on my motherboard if this works. Thanks for your suggestion tho.
  3. Well I'd like to do something like a flowing effect. Thanks for the tip tho
  4. I was wondering if i could use one argb header and a controller at the same time to controll the rgb fans if the controller does not have enough headers for all fans. Anybody got some experience with that. It's gonna be the first time im building my own computer, hence my lack of rgb knowledge.
  5. Mb didn't know they both got the same tdp. Thanks for your answer.
  6. It would be a be quiet! Pure rock slim. Found a bundle where this one is included and was wondering if this could handle the CPU for a while cause I am not planning to oc right away
  7. Well as the topic sais already. Ryzen 7 5800x has got a tdp of 105 so I was wondering if a cooler with a 120 tdp capacity would be enough headroom.
  8. Funny thing is tho that CPU-Z tells me my CPU is running at 3,1-3,2 gHz although the baseclock is 2,7. Anyone got an explanation for that?
  9. I was wondering if i could overclock my core i-5 6400 since it often peaks to 100% but barely hits 45°C. I found out that i can overclock it on certain mainboards or even on special bios versions with bclk but i could not find anything for my mainboard which is a Lenovo 90FL005YGE. Maybe someone can help me with this and many thanks in advance