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  1. It's supposed to show more suggestions but it deosn't.
  2. but then if I write 5 and 3 it shows 5 is smaller then 3
  3. print("hello, type a number!") num1 = int(input()) num2 = int(input()) if num1 < num2 == True: print(num1 + " is smaller then " + num2) else: print(num2 + " is smaller then " + num1)
  4. It's not a problem with my pc because it's very OP (64 gb of 3200mhz ram, R9 3900x and a 5700 xt).
  5. can you give me a link to where I can install VS and adobe CC in 64 bit?
  6. I set the smoothing to 0 and it worked! Thank you all guys!