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  1. how can i tell if its non standard ? need help and yea sorry for that im new of using server psu
  2. well many give good reviews
  3. well its 145 dollars here for that what i mean is i want more than 750 so in the future i wont upgrade again but it cost alot
  4. well better psu cost like 200 to 300 and for that server psu cost like 45 dollars
  5. i dont have but i can buy it was like 7 dollars here for breakout board and 1.44 dollars for the 6 pin to 8 pin like that to power the gpu
  6. hello guys i am about to buy rtx 3080 but can i use server psu it is hstns-pd19 1200W it is 94 % efficiency to power that gpu only and the another psu my cv550 is to power only the motherboard it is okay ?
  7. ok i will stick with this thanks for the advice and i will wait
  8. so what gpu should i buy then ? i check each in nvidia the 1650 and 1660 have low profitability the 570 and 580 are higher in those 2 hmm
  9. yep soon i will replace it
  10. idk if the nicehash profitablity calculator is right but i can recover that in 2 months if the nicehash profitabilty calculator is right is right
  11. Can my cv550 handle 2 gpu im already using rtx 2060 super im planning to buy rx 570 8gb for mining and yea im planning to buy better psu soon for mining or recommend something for me would like some suggestion thanks
  12. i dont get what you mean sorry for my bad reading comprehension
  13. i always remove my tempered glass when im playing always close when im just using youtube or facebook or doing school assignment or onlineclass so dont worry it is still 39c idle temp and 50 to 55c when gaming
  14. it is a fantech cg71 sorry late reply
  15. 2 empty 120mm fan slot can go down and up