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  1. Hey @ColinLTT, can you I get the Threadripper CPU holder as well please
  2. Man, I saw those discounts and I was thinking the same thing ...
  3. I will have to ask my brother in law and if he says it's okay to share, I will message you the info... but hey, if you want to Window shop, let me know I can setup a Zoom and you can browse to your hearts content.
  4. Ha .. that my friend I need to see if it's okay to distribute publicy. The serial number is the employee ID number ...
  5. Nothing... it's an employee portal that I got access to so I don't have to put any discount codes or anything ... I just configure any machine and I am able to get upto 70% off on desktops, laptops and monitors.
  6. My brother in law got a job over at Lenovo so obviously the first thing I do is use his employee discount to score me a Threadripper Pro for my freelance work! The employee discount is absolutely bonkers