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  1. Ok nevermind. Turns out simply plugging something into the card solves this issue. My old PC had so few USB connectors on the back that something was always plugged into the card, but my new motherboard has enough slots for my current peripherals so I ended up never plugging anything into it. Sorry for the unnecessary post I guess.
  2. Follow up from my previous post: TL;DR of the issue: PC would reboot on its own after shutting down. Tried every solution, reinstalled Windows, reconnected cables etc. Turns out my PCI USB expansion card is the cause of the issue, removing it solves the problem, but I would like to keep using it. The card: https://www.2direct.de/en/notebook-computer/interface-cards/pci-express/2091/pci-express-card-4x-usb-3.0?number=PC0057A Any ideas on how to solve this for good? The card doesn't seem to have any drivers which I could update. Maybe there is a W
  3. SOLVED! The USB expansion card is the source of this issue. As soon as I remove it, the PC shuts down just fine.
  4. I just reconnected everything and it gets even weirder: I can turn my PC on, even when the on/off switch on the back is turned off. Also, there was a brief flash (not a spark, more like an LED turning on and instantly off again), when I plugged the power in (PC was "off"). EDIT: Last post for today, will look at any responses tomorrow. EDIT2: Switched out the Power Supply, it fixed the broken power switch, but not the restarting issue.
  5. Just did exactly that, then spent like 4 hours reinstalling every Windows update since 2015. All to no avail, the issue still persists
  6. Alright another problem, Windows tells me that my old files can't be kept "because Windows might be installed on the wrong drive"(not the exact wording, I am translating this) and the option to keep my files is greyed out. I was just about to disconnect my HDD to only give Windows one option to be installed on to see if that might work, and wanted to shut down, but now not even the command line works anymore, it just reboots anyway. Damn, why did it work the first time though?
  7. No, I simply plugged in my old drives and it booted up just fine. There are no other issues so far.
  8. This helps, the PC is shutting down for good. So there must be a difference between the command and the regular shutdown function then, right? And that difference allows the command to work. I'll use this as a temporary workaround then until the issue is fixed. Thanks!
  9. Hello thereAh, General Kenobi, this is my first post here and I hope that someone will be able to help me. I just upgraded my old PC with new internals, and now it reboots instead of shutting down. Specs: Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super* Ryzen 3700x 2x 8GB CRUCIAL DDR4 3200 Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite (BIOS Ver. F51, newest is F52f) Noctua NH-U9S 750W Power Supply* 1 TB HDD, 256 GB SSD* multicard reader, CD-Drive and USB expansion card* *Reused from my old build Order of events: 1. I tell my PC to s