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  1. I remember when I was happy my GTX 570 did over 15k PPD. Now my 3060 Ti gets the same points in 1 day of work as my GTX 570 did in 200 days. I really wonder how the coming years the PPD wil evolve. Half a billion points per day? Those rankings will have a decent amount of numbers in it....
  2. I noticed that the temps of the VRAM were quite high. When running einstein @ home, a BOINC project very dependent on GPU mem speed, it would rise quickly to 100 degrees C and then limit the rest of the card. I came across this post https://www.igorslab.de/en/the-hotspot-the-radeon-rx-6800-x-thermal-conductive-paste-exchange-and-correct-installation-sequence/ - The thermal pads I used: Gelid GP-Extreme 3mm and 1mm - Current case: Lian Li TU-150. Yes, very bad thermal performce for high TDP GPU's. Already ordered a different case, but that will take some time (
  3. Well, Belgium here, so I know the struggle. Managed to grab a SF750 end last year because a Tweaker messaged me about sudden stock somewhere. Whole stock was gone the same day. I wonder what that Threadripper would manage at WCG or Rosetta. My 6900xt is doing Einstein work at the moment.
  4. Will this be used for BOINC / folding as well? How are you going to power the cpu? That PSU has only 1 cpu power connector according to reviews. The new 1000 watt Silverstone SFX-l has 2, but there are currently issues with the fan speed regulation on those model I think.
  5. Finally got to undervolting my 3060 Ti (got it since launch). 130 to 180 watts when folding, 5 to 20% over average PPD for the 3060 ti. Max 63 degrees and 1050 rpm in an ITX build (NR200), practically inaudible (MSI Gaming X Trio). Damn, that cooler is overbuilt for 'just' a 3060 Ti. I also don't reserve any cpu threads for folding. I run 100% cpu load on BOINC (WCG or rosetta). Leaving threads free has exactly 0 effect op PPD. (3950X) On a 6900xt I get nowhere near the folding numbers in the LAR database unfortunately.
  6. My 6900xt is in. I'll try and start it up tomorrow for einstein @ home
  7. Does anyone know if these adapters exist in a non-cheapo variant? Won't mind paying a multitude of those AliExpress prices for a bit peace of mind. Thanks
  8. I have the MSI Gaming X. It's really extremely quiet under full load. It has practically the same cooler of the 3070 and 3080 on a card with much lower TBP. It came on top over the Strix in cooling performance I think. However, if you can get the FE which is cheaper I would go with that. Here in Europe it's practically impossible to find those.
  9. Decent ITX cases are not very cheap. With handle: Lian Li TU-150 Without: Coller Master NR200 / NR200P I think Jonsbo has some cheaper smaller cases as well, with or without handles. No experience with those though.
  10. Really the smallest case? I think the recently announced Sliger 620 might fit your stuff. Not sure about the ATX PSU though. EDIT: sorry, smallest was an other topic.
  11. Oh wow, didn't even know that Silverstone already had a SX700-PT. Only knew of a SX700-G and a SX700-LPT. Cant even find it in price comparison tools in Europe.
  12. Why would you have a dust filter for exhaust?
  13. The PSUs I mentioned are not in that list (yet). I know the SF750 ( that one is in the list) is decent but it's not available. So I wanted to know if these upcoming models would compare quality-wise.
  14. With the new generation GPUs needing a bit more power, I'm looking for something with a tad more power than my current SF600 (which will go to a secondary build). The Corsair SF750 is, from what I've read, the only current 'high end' option. Especially noise-wise. However, the current supply/prices are not that great. The Great Wall (OEM) versions aren't any cheaper either. Before I get the '600W is plenty' replies: build should be updated tot 5900x+6800xt and can / will be used for long sustained loads. Don't like PSU running near it's max capacity (and the noise associated with tha
  15. Both Cooler Master (v750 and v850 SFX) and Silverstone (SX750-PT) will come out with new SFX PSUs in the near future. No real reviews to be found yet.