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  1. OK, sweet. Just wondering but do you now roughly how much better AMD is at rendering/ multi threaded tasks? or will I be much better off looking a benchmarks?
  2. Yeah, I'm not too sure so I'll leave that out. Yeah I'll have a think about waiting as I need it kinda soon. So I should be completely fine going with Intel?
  3. Ok, I'll probably get the 10700k then as its priced almost identically with the 3800xt though according to some forum from a while ago Intel CPUs aren't as good as AMD for encoding etc. However, would it be better to wait for next gen? also, have security issues and stuff been fixed wit intel yet?
  4. OK, what would you choose out of the two if you were in my situation? (ignoring price).
  5. OK, do you think I should wait or buy now? Will it be worth waiting?
  6. Hi guys, so recently I have been looking at building a new pc and I can't decide between a Ryzen 7 3800xt, Ryzen 7 4800x (when it comes out), i7 11700k (again, when it comes out) or a i7 10700k. I will be using this pc for gaming, video editing and 3D rendering (paired with a RTX 3070). What are your suggestions? My budget is roughly $2600 NZD Thanks
  7. Ok, I didn't know you could with the shift air. I'm planning on getting a 3070.
  8. Yup it does fit. Does it come in a chromax variant, and will it outperform a 120mm AIO like the H80i?
  9. Yeah I know tower coolers are good, I would be getting one if it fitted. My case only supports low profile coolers, stock cooler doesn't fit either, so no way a tower could fit. would it be better to get a low profile cooler like a Cryorig c7 or the 120mm?
  10. Yeah I've heard about that, however I'm not too fussed on pricing on them as long as they work fine and look clean enough. Unless the Noctua has better performance I personally would rather get a a quality AIO. Which would you say has better performance?
  11. Even while overclocked? Also I just realised that i may only be able to use one of the fans because of graphics card height, would this have much of an issue?
  12. Hi guys, I am currently going to build a PC in the Phanteks EVOLV SHIFT air case. Unfortunately, I can only fit a 120mm rad in it. Would getting a Corsair H60/H80i and swapping the stock fans with good Noctuas be a reasonable idea? I'm going to get a r7 3700x or a 3800xt so would this be sufficient? or does anyone have a better idea? I would also not like to switch the case. Thanks.
  13. Sweet, thanks for your help. I'll most likely go for the TUF or the Tomahawk, Which one would you say is better? price won't matter as they are almost the same here.
  14. Yup, most likely after the new cards have been released so I'll know what GPU to get, but I'm trying to sort out motherboards now rather than later, just in case there is a huge rush (unlikely, I know)
  15. Ok sweet, I am still kind of leaning towards the Taichi as it has postcode and VRM heatpipe and from my experiences cooler=longer lifespan. The postcode should help a bit in building it as it willbe my first time building. Is this a bad idea? (also X570 for future)
  16. OK, thank you. Also would it be worth waiting for RTX 3000 or should I just get the RX?
  17. I am going to be video editing, 3d modeling (blender, maybe fusion360 too) and a resonable amount of gaming. Are the bios' any good for the boards?
  18. Sweet, thank you, however there are some bits I don't really like about this list, the main ones are the GPU as i have heard that Nvidia cards are much better for adobe and also the PSU too- Id rather have a better efficiency one as power costs a bit. Also I would rather quality over a bit more performance. do yu have any suggestions?
  19. Sorry I have no idea what any of that means, I know the basics but not much more. I'm wanting to do video editing and 3d modeling and that sort of stuff so I probably wont go any lower on the CPU. I can get the X570 TUF but i have heard that the Taichi is better, disregarding that however, which board is better quality out o the Taichi and the TUF?
  20. Hi guys, I am going to build a new PC that I want to last me around 7-10 years. I am getting a R7 3700x and an EVGA 2060 KO, would getting a hiigh end board like a X570 or a B550 Taichi be worth it? my budget is around-ish $2600 NZD which is roughly $1500 USD. If it is not worth it, could someone please help me find a better board? Thanks