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  1. I did it with solar panels i had hooked up during the boom and made 2k
  2. for real 8gbs of ram is only like 50 dollars for 1 stick they should've at least done two for that price. The ssd they put in that thing is just terrible 256 gbs for an ssd? The acer nitro series matches up to their specs at 500 dollars haha
  3. yeah i was thinking about if i could just get any other power board from some other model of the lg flatron series and stick it in there but since its got a different amount of capacitors and all that random stuff they put in there idk if it'll work, what do you think?
  4. oh yeah I saw those but check out that postage thats why I'm just trying to look for the board by itself haha
  5. Hey there I have this old Lg flatron that I was attempting to repair. So when I opened it up I noticed that the power supply board was completely scorched and every component was leaking (This is probably due to the fact that there are so many power outages in my area). I was wondering if someone could assist me with finding a new power supply board for the monitor because most links I come across are just repair kits with capacitors, yet my whole board is burnt out
  6. yeah the think pad is pretty modern and great for that price
  7. This pc's gpu is way outdated back to 2014 and doesnt even match up to the 2014 intel hd graphics arrandale. That old amd cpu probably matches up with a Intel core duo 5500. But I mean it probably turns on alright
  8. Oh sorry about the 3000, do not get it its extremly slow. Check this one out instead https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Inspiron-Performance-processor-Microsoft/dp/B07BKVWWXB?tag=cheerb-20
  9. Just make sure they have a dedicated graphics card or at least an intel 530 equivalent or you will not be able to run any game other than Minecraft all at the lowest setting possible with about 8-14 frames on games without bottle necks. The integrated graphics on the i5 4300u is extremely slow and is not recommended.
  10. I agree with the KFC man but if you really are gonna go for that price than go for the Dell Latitude E6420 but a bit higher you could get the Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series which Linus even reviewed and played some games on. Both have dedicated graphics cards.
  11. If it doesnt work then you should try that but the guy in the other thread had also done the same thing, you might just have to send the mobo back to Asus and if you still have warranty they'll give you a new one, or if you just complain enough.
  12. Oh geez yeah thats not good if its only drawing 350w under load but you could try and swap the power cord that goes into the wall that could be defective too maybe.
  13. They see the price and think its high end, these resellers really like to scam haha.
  14. You should double check and see if you have the amd control panel installed. Usually these kind of frame drops occur when you are using windows built in drivers to play games. You can also go to device manager and right click on your gpu and press properties and it will say in the little chat thing "This device is working properly."