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  1. This is the exact error I get when I try boot into Windows
  2. It’s coming up with the HDD having unpredictable fail when I turn the pc on and can’t even load into the operating system or bios. I know they make noises when the disk is spinning but this noise that I’m experiencing isn’t normal. All I want to know is whether it’s my motherboard causing the issue because the sata cable connected to the hard drive from the motherboard is brand new and so is the hard drive itself but I can’t even boot into windows because the pc thinks there’s an issue with the hard drive.
  3. Hello, I have been having issues with my PC recently specifically the hard drive. I replaced the sata cable after the hard drive came up with imminent failure and unpredictable fail and it fixed it for a while. Then I came onto my pc one day and it came up with the same error so I changed the cable again and moved it to another sata port on the MoBo and it still didn’t work. Today I replaced my psu and all the sata, pcie, cpu, gpu and 24 pin cables and also replaced the hard drive with the same model but brand new with a new sata cable. I turned my pc on before and it’s still comin
  4. I already posted images?
  5. Hi guys, I’m just wondering if this looks like a HDR issue or not? I’m also unsure where to post about this and if it’s a monitor issue or the games implementation of HDR. I’ve taken pictures of HDR on and then SDR in AC Odyssey and for some reason in the blue fire there’s bits of green. But in SDR there’s no problem at all. I’m using the Acer Predator X27P which is HDR 1000 with 1000 luminance and 80 paper white. The first two images is with HDR and the other is without.
  6. Do you have DP YCbCr sRGB enabled whilst HDR is on? I don’t even know what this setting does. When I turn it off it doesn’t seem to change anything.
  7. I’m using the ASUS ROG RTX 2080 Ti not an AMD card. I just wish that my monitor was working the same way it was when I got it because I wasn’t having these issues until today. I thought that my monitor had an issue when using HDR. Also I don’t think it will carry over from SDR to HDR because it locks most of my OSD picture settings when I enable HDR so it must be doing its own thing.
  8. How are you able to adjust your brightness to 140 nits whilst having HDR enabled in windows? Whenever I try to adjust my nits in the OSD it just says “this function is not available” and by default when I turn on HDR in windows it sets itself to 80 nits. When I turn off HDR in windows though I am able to adjust the nits for SDR content.
  9. I just realised what you actually said. That it happens when in full screen mode with windows HDR enabled. I thought you was suggesting to play in full screen borderless, my bad.
  10. Okay thanks I have been paranoid that I just bought this monitor and all of a sudden I start seeing this in the sample image. I was playing in HDR on full screen the entire time with it turned on in windows and I wasn’t getting this before. I would try full screen borderless because I have two monitors but HDR on AC becomes unavailable. Also when you say to adjust the HDR without it being enabled in windows do you mean the peak white nits option in the OSD? One more thing I have noticed as well is when I move into a darker area on the game such as a cave and then look at the refere
  11. Hi guys, I just recently got an Acer Predator X27P and I have had it for two weeks now with zero issues and no defects that I have noticed. I have been playing AC Odyssey in HDR at 98hz and I had zero issues and everything seemed to look how it was supposed to even in the picture for HDR where you set up the luminance and paper white. Then today I went onto the game and have noticed this weird set of pink pixels in the HDR setup picture. So I restarted the game and went back to the HDR setup again and the image was back to normal with no issues but looked a bit dull. Then I went in
  12. Yeah I was worried about the fact I couldn’t use the new Xbox Series X with either of my pc monitors unless I played in 1080p and even then I wouldn’t be taking advantage of the Series X, but I am thinking about getting an LG OLED for the Series X so I can enjoy it from my bedroom if I want to play on that.
  13. I really am swaying towards the Ultrawide just so I can give it a go because I have never tried it before and it seems to be less risky than buying the 27 inch models and having them annoy me a year down the line due to the fan. Plus people keep saying to me how immersive they are compared to a 27 inch and it is mainly SP games that I want to use this monitor for. Do you think it will be alright to have a dual monitor setup with this ultrawide such as my PG279Q? I would use the PG279Q just to play competitive games because I prefer a smaller screen for it.
  14. Is there a particular reason why the x27 is better than the PG27UQ?
  15. I know the projection is stupid really but I do like the logo on the wall. I think it would look good with the led strips along my desk. And thanks for the information. Also the reason why I spoke about the RMA process with the PG27UQ and not the ultrawide is because I have heard issues with the fan on it whereas the ultrawide I have only heard one issue which was the flickering and scan lines which has already been sorted. So I don’t think I would need to RMA that monitor if I looked after it. If it comes with dead pixels I can just send it back to the place I buy it from.
  16. Do you think that it will be a more enjoyable experience on a ultrawide for SP games? Also I just want to clear up for anyone wondering that in the pros for PG35VQ it says 100 to 200 bits brighter, by that I mean on average not peak. That’s from what I have searched up and been told.
  17. I am trying to make a decision between the two monitors in the title and I have been stuck between which one to get and really could do with help making a decision. I have made a word document with pros and cons for each of them based off of my desk stand and also what I have read and researched about the two monitors. If anyone could help me get closer to making a decision I would really appreciate it. This new monitor is also mainly for single player games and watching things in HDR 1000.
  18. When I said easy to run I meant get 60 FPS 4k, obviously I’d have to lower some in game settings to achieve that though. And yeah the PG35VQ is definitely the better choice I think. Just a shame it probably won’t fit on my desk. I guess I could buy it and try fit it on and if not just send it back and get the PG27UQ instead.
  19. Thanks for the help, I have an ASUS ROG Strix 2080 Ti and i9-9900K so I would be able to use the monitors easily. It’s just in my eyes the 35 inch is a lot better but I also run into the problem of desk space because the shelf that my monitors sit on is 9 and a half inches in depth and the stand on PG35VQ is 12 inches so it wouldn’t fit. Plus I have never tried UW and apparently it’s a lot more immersive in SP games. Also I live in the UK so the monitors are still expensive over here. PG27UQ - Cheapest is £1960, PG35VQ - Cheapest is £2099.97 and the Acer Predator X27P - £1799.98. That’s the pr
  20. Hi guys, I’m just wondering if the fan on the PG27UQ has been fixed since the monitor has been out for two years? I am also unsure whether I should go with the PG27UQ or buy the PG35VQ. I have never played on an UW and I am only using the monitor for single player games. I mainly want one of these monitors just for the HDR 1000.