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    University Student


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    Intel Core i9-9900k
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    ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero
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    32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200Mhz
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    ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2080 Ti OC
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    Corsair 570x Black
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    Corsair TXM 650W Gold Rated
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    ASUS ROG PG279Q and Acer Predator X27 P
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    h100x AIO cooler with 6 Corsair QL120 fans
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    Razer Huntsman Elite
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    Razer Deathadder V2
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    ASUS Strix Soar
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    Windows 10 Home Premium Edition
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    iPhone 11 Pro Max

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  1. Here is what it looks like on WiFi after the first red block and then after the second red block is when I enable the ethernet again. The ping is stable for now but I guarantee when I turn my pc on again tomorrow it will be all over the place again.
  2. Is it normal to have packet loss over WiFi from the first hop (which is my router)? Over powerline I don't seem to be getting any.
  3. Only problem is it's not my house so I can't put an ethernet through the entire house, I also have cats so they would just chew at it most likely. I get that the adapters aren't the best but like I said I wasn't experiencing any problems until recently and my old powerline adapters worked great. I also always get my full bandwidth when using them to download games and stuff.
  4. The packet loss was completely gone but now it's starting to come back again.
  5. No because it lowers the Mbps that the powerline adapter can send, that's what happened to my old adapters that were plugged into a none surge protected extension lead. The TP Link does have a passthrough where I can plug the adapter into the wall and then the extension lead into the adapter but I asked TP Link support and they said I shouldn't do that. It's also advised not to plug a powerline adapter into an extension lead but I didn't know that with my old ones.
  6. I wish I had a USB available but I don't because I am kinda new to PC so haven't really needed to do anything other than driver updates and downloading games and stuff.
  7. I need to explain that I have my wired ethernet connection via a TP Link powerline adapter which obviously runs off the wiring in my house. I had an older TP Link powerline adapter and it worked perfectly fine without any ping spikes. I then upgraded to a more expensive model and it was fine for a while. I then got a surge protected extension lead and plugged it into the outlet next to the powerline adapter. So they're both next to each other on the same outlet, could the surge protection be causing the interference. It can't be any other appliances as they are on separate circuits. I am also
  8. I don't have that on my pc either. I reset my router again and I'm no longer getting packet loss but I still am getting ping spikes, here's the current test.
  9. Hi, I'm not currently installing anything and closed out of all the things that could possibly be updating so it can't be that. I have rebooted the router today but not my pc. When using PingPlotter on the mobile version it says I'm not getting packet loss when pinging the router but I am on my pc. I'm unsure what a Live Linux USB is and I don't have a USB available to use because I've not bought one yet. This is my ping from yesterday via ethernet as well, I don't know why it's playing up today.
  10. This is me pinging the final traceroute to Google and the packet loss is still really bad.
  11. I have a Sky Q router, I'm from the UK. It's also not running hot. I do have other ethernets but they're too small to reach from the router to the pc, I don't think the ethernets are the problem though since they're basically new and the packet loss also happens over WiFi. The test image above is also over WiFi but I will put one that is over ethernet in this. I have also already tried different ports for the ethernet cable. I have gone to device manager and tried to update the drivers that way but it said I have the best drivers available for my pc.
  12. Hi all, I have been getting really bad ping spikes even when pinging just my router. I really need help figuring out the issue as it's driving me insane and I can barely play online games. I used to have no ping spikes at all and it only recently started to happen, the packet loss is also constant. I will add a graph from PingPlotter of me pinging just my router. Any help with this will be much appreciated.
  13. Hi all, Been having this issue a lot recently where my games keep stuttering and the fps is not where it should be at. I have an i9-9900k and RTX 2080 Ti both at stock. Yesterday I was playing AC Valhalla at like 80 fps on average with with a mix of Ultra, Very High and Low. I decided to update to driver 461.09 from 457.51 and everything was still working fine once I updated and restarted my pc. Today I have come on to play the same game and I am now getting 45 fps on average and when I change my settings from Ultra to all Low I only get 57 fps on average. Any idea what could be wr