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  1. Ram could an issue also if you over clock in some cases that can cause this issue. You also might try enabling legacy boot in bios if you have that option. As to the driver irql means a driver is failing compatibility or integrity check. this is assuming a fresh install of windows was not done on the new drive. Also what are you're system specs. Some older hardware has issues with windows 10
  2. i believe ntlite will do what your wanting.
  3. Just small update. I figured out the issues had it set to use my ati gpu but retroarch just crashes and so do other emulators. So going back to windows now but i did learn a lot in the end. Thank you again
  4. Alright well thank you for the help. i can not disable the ati/amd card in bios. i'll just stick with windows due to driver support and the ati gpu does offer better performance in windows anyway
  5. i see i miss understood the issue i do apologize i forgot you could use your key to get windows iso from microsoft. sadly Ghost is right you have to use phone system. only other way to get an iso is torrenting which is a thing of its self or googling for one and like the torrent hope it's safe. But best bet is phone system i would say
  6. i was going to use it for learning linux and a few emulators. Its not running smooth and the emulator's are not working like it has no graphic drivers and once thats figured out i need to figure out the switching between them part or setting it to just use the ati card. Sorry for my poor explanation thats best way i can put it
  7. im trying to learn linux before i put it on my main machine only issue is i can't get the intel 3000 / ati hd radeon 6630m graphics to work. I spent a few days googling the issue and came up with nothing. Any help would be amazing and thank you in advance.
  8. i would find a windows 7 iso and use rufus or Diskpart its built in to windows to make a bootable usb drive to reinstall windows. See if that works and trouble shoot from that point. here is a link for using diskpart https://www.dell.com/support/article/en-us/sln153364/create-a-bootable-usb-flash-drive-using-the-diskpart-utility?lang=en Once you do this next step is extract the files from the windows 7 iso and just copy them to the drive and done see if it boots.
  9. Memory Management makes me think memory controller could be going bad,Ram slot/slots or ram it self
  10. No DIskpart is a different thing. its all command line based.
  11. best thing i can tell you is have one drive on at a time when doing the install
  12. From my experience you can just install windows 10 and use the win 7 key to activate it. I did it on my dell vostro laptop i got a month ago from ebay activated with no issue. as for the bios on legacy i would use a ntfs formatted drive high success rate from my experience As to the Windows 7 issue if you would like to try and fix it. i just use diskpart in windows to make a bootable flash drive. open cmd in admin type diskpart when that opens. type list disk type Sel disk and the number given to the flash drive example if the drive is disk 4 then you type sel disk 4 push ente
  13. Never heard of ntlite. Thank you both for the response's and the help
  14. Yes it's for one system i was just looking for a one click solution kind of thing instead of me having to install each program one by one. ill look in to sysprep Thank you very much
  15. im 100% noob at this stuff. But i'm wondering is their an easy ish way to make a windows install that will silent install all the programs i want with it.