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  1. It took me a long time to decide the case, but now I am considering to just go for the meshify c. meshify c has better air flow but is kinda ugly and a bit bigger. h510 looks really nice but has less air flow. It would also have better acoustics because it is closed, right? any other aspect that I am not considering?
  2. it doesn't right? Doesn't the internal front usb C connector look something like this?
  3. Wow, those are a lot of motherboards. Which tier should I be looking at? what tier is a 100-200bucks mobo ?
  4. Around 100-200. but yeah the cheaper, the more I can spend on a graphics card upgrade
  5. Exactly. But also it is a bit cheaper at around 75bucks, but does it have air filters? because I like the meshify c mini, and it has air filters.
  6. I am doing a first build in an NZXT H510. For now I have a Ryzen 5 3600 but am planning to upgrade to the 4000-series processors or an 8-core one like the 3700X. I don't think I will be overclocking. I will be paring the processor with a Crucial Ballistix 16gb 3600MHz CL16 ram. The motherboard needs to have: internal USB-C 3.1 connector that the case has enough case fan headers as I am intending to have 3-4 case fans m.2 slot and preferably built-in Bluetooth Of course t