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  1. I have a 290, so an upgrade would be nice.
  2. Just grab SotFS when it goes on sale. It might not be as good as DS1, but it's still a good game. OT: this explains why I haven't seen any multiplayer stuff for a while. And here I thought it was all on my end. Guess I'll wait until they fix it.
  3. Unfortunately here in Vancouver they do. it seems like they are all turning into Comcast over here.
  4. Of the four things in the giveaway package, I'd say that the headphones are my favorite. They look awesome, and probably sound way better than the cheap in-ears I have at the moment.
  5. Well since I need to get a new mouse soon anyway (current one's scroll wheel is on the fritz), getting a nice free one would be awesome! :lol:
  6. Sigh...guess we're gonna be spending an extra 15 bucks a month to get that unlimited data seeing as we already use double our cap....
  7. I really want one of these. But I get the feeling the price is beyond me...
  8. Never actually had a media pc before so this looks kinda cool. Might need to get one even if I don't win it.
  9. You sir are amazing. I'm sure whoever wins will be very happy.
  10. Right now I don't really need all the cores, but it would be an upgrade in terms of clock speed over what I currently have and very nice to have for if/when I do need all the cores.
  11. Honestly I think the primary functionality (the music sharing thing) could be done just with an app and let everyone use their own headphones. Which would make it cheaper and a lot more accessible.
  12. Favorite stuff: pretty much all of it is better than what I already have. (except the headphones). But picking one thing (well two kinda) I'd have to say the case and fans. Case looks good and those quieter fans would be really nice. Anyway thanks for all the giveaways guys!
  13. I personally really like the concept. I mean there is no way it'd replace my keyboard and mouse for gaming or serious typing, but for my normal day to day use, I could totally see myself using something like this.