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  1. Styxx

    CTD issues

    For the benefit of anybody searching for answers, I tried this and it didn't help unfortunately.
  2. Styxx

    CTD issues

    You mean a full system reboot? It's not doing that, just crashing to desktop. Certainly not while the system is idle.
  3. Styxx

    CTD issues

    Thanks for the suggestion. Tried this evening with both sticks of RAM with XMP switched off, it crashed about an hour in but definitely lasted longer and only crashed once. I'll try running one stick at a time over the next couple of days. I ran Memtest a couple of days ago and it came back with no issues. CPU temp topped out at 49 today so that's fine. GPU hit 70, not great but I don't think it should be causing issues.
  4. Hi guys. I'd appreciate if somebody could help me out with this. TL;DR - Games crashing, how do I find out why? I'm sure this is a common issue with many potential causes, so what I'm really looking for here is somebody to help me understand what's going on and get to the root of the issue. I had a look around the forum, there are a number of topics like this but none seem to have working conclusions. I've had a number of issues with games crashing to desktop. My machine is fairly new, built last summer. Specs are: Windows 10 Home MSI Mag X57
  5. @PineyCreek @Eigenvektor @Master Disaster thank you all for taking time to reply. Searched the hardware IDs, turns out it's a USB C port policy controller for my graphics card. I don't use VR so it's not really an issue for me. Thanks for helping me with this!
  6. I'd really appreciate if someone could help me on this. It's not a "problem" as such, but I hate having things like this lurking around with no apparent reason. Went into Device Manager today and saw an unknown PCI device with no drivers, see screenshot. The only PCI device I have is my graphics card, which can be seen further up the list as a Display Adaptor. This is a new built PC that I did myself, 2-3 months old. The only other PCI device I've had in the machine was another graphics card - I originally bought a Gigabyte 2070 Super, but it was faulty so I sent it back and now ha
  7. Thanks man, I didn't think these were around any more.
  8. This is the one: https://www.eteknix.com/roccat-kone-gaming-mouse/
  9. I need a new mouse, and there's far too many to choose from. What do people recommend? I'm a palm gripper, and my main concern is comfort. Years ago I had a Roccat Kone (original version). This was by far the most comfortable mouse I've ever had, but it wore out after something like 3 or 4 years. I was pretty annoyed about this, so I replaced it with an EpicGear, which frankly wasn't as good - but to be fair has lasted a good while. Wrote to Roccat to ask if the current Kone lineup is actually the same size and shape as the original (I'm sure they looks smaller), and they essential
  10. Thanks. Is that the only real benefit then? I thought it was supposed to perform better under UEFI.
  11. I built myself a new PC last week. (Parts list is here: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Styxx1000/saved/m8HNcf, although I'm not sure that's much use for this issue) Today I realised that I've installed Windows on an MBR partitioned drive (NVMe Samsung 970 Evo Plus). This is my first build so there's a certain amount of learning for me here, basically I hadn't realised that this was a thing. I found another thread saying that UEFI needs the drive to be GPT partitioned. Also, this link was provided to convert: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-convert-mbr-disk-gpt-move-bios-uefi-windows-10
  12. I'm about to build myself a new PC. It's going to be living on the floor under my desk (no room on the desk unfortunately) so I want to get something to stand it on to keep the dust out, especially with the PSU at the bottom of the case. Does anyone have any decent suggestions? I've had a look around online and I can't see much. There's a bunch of X-shaped stands like this that seem to be somewhat popular, but I'm concerned they look a bit small. The case I'll be using is a Fractal Define R6, so it needs to fit that (543mm x 233mm).
  13. Without even googling that, I know exactly what you mean! I've completely avoided RGB, it does look cool when it's done well but I'd rather look at my screen. Thanks both of you for the explanation, really helped me to understand it.
  14. @Bartholomew, @TofuHaroto, thanks very much, I really appreciate the help! I couldn't find any info at all on what the connector was for. So is that a standard thing then? How come Corsair don't support it at all?