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  1. no, it's not thunderbolt.
  2. I am new to the type C port world. I bought a new laptop that have a logo of s.s and display port on type c. if i buy a type c to hdmi or vga converter, will those work as well, or only type c to display port will work, thanks in advance. laptop : hp 450 g6
  3. i have a pretty solid internet connection compare to average connection speed in my country. i want to share it to my brother who lives about 1 kilometer away ( 1 miles= 1.6 kilometer). we live in a city, so can you suggest something considering interference by other networks as well. also i have no height problem as both building have almost clear line of sight.
  4. is there a way to stream torrent off your ram so that you dont age your hdd or ssd?