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  1. I think im going to have a computer expert I know look at it. Idk if I feel comfortable resetting anything
  2. Here are my specs: 2080m super and AMD Ryzen 3700x 3600MHz Cl 16 ram So a little background on what maybe the problem. I was messing around in Ryzen Master and switched one of the options for auto overclocking to normal. When I noticed my FPS on siege went way down at 1440p max settings from 160 down to 110s-130s I put the overclocking back on. But it didn’t really fix the issue. It performs better now (130s-140s) but it was better performing before than all this happened (150s-160s). My time spy (3Dmark) overall scores before all this is this: 11,304 f
  3. why do people get higher scores than my CPU in that link?
  4. I have a 2080 super and AMD Ryzen 3700x. I got an 11,598 for my GPU score and 9,799 for my CPU. Is this trustworthy, and does the results show my system is working properly? I got in the 91st percentile it said but idk how trustworthy that is.
  5. ok tahnk you. I do notice on some maps when in certain areas I get 130s but im sure that's normal probably. ALso is it normal to get lower fps on a camera but only sometimes?
  6. do you have any ideas as to why on some maps I can get dips into 130s? Is it probably just the map? Thank you btw
  7. so around 150s is good for my settings? Ill try turning it down
  8. even with those dips to 130s on certain maps? I imagine its the map not the hardware of my computer
  9. I have a 2080 super and AMD Ryzen 3700x. I play with Vulcan on, 1440p and ultra settings. My framerate is lower than my refresh rate (165Hz) so this is why im asking. My framerate is around 150s while on some maps (I think presidential plane is an example) I can get dips into 130s but I think that's mostly when outside on that map.