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  1. I’m asking because I hear a noise and I want to figure out if it’s my power supply or GPU. I hear it on the home screen when my GPU isn’t under load so that’s why I’m asking. And how can I tell my GPU is under load? Is it when my fans are spinning?
  2. I think im going to have a computer expert I know look at it. Idk if I feel comfortable resetting anything
  3. Here are my specs: 2080m super and AMD Ryzen 3700x 3600MHz Cl 16 ram So a little background on what maybe the problem. I was messing around in Ryzen Master and switched one of the options for auto overclocking to normal. When I noticed my FPS on siege went way down at 1440p max settings from 160 down to 110s-130s I put the overclocking back on. But it didn’t really fix the issue. It performs better now (130s-140s) but it was better performing before than all this happened (150s-160s). My time spy (3Dmark) overall scores before all this is this: 11,304 f
  4. I have a 2080 super and AMD Ryzen 3700x. I got an 11,598 for my GPU score and 9,799 for my CPU. Is this trustworthy, and does the results show my system is working properly? I got in the 91st percentile it said but idk how trustworthy that is.
  5. ok tahnk you. I do notice on some maps when in certain areas I get 130s but im sure that's normal probably. ALso is it normal to get lower fps on a camera but only sometimes?