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  1. Hi I am a bit out of date on this topic and the last test of a Radiator on Thermalbench.com was in 2018. What are the best performing radiators on the market right now, specifically for low-medium fan speed?
  2. Corsair ML140 Pro are probably the best fans. Reason for that is that they use a magnetic levitation bearing. Meaning there is 0 friction when the fans spin... dead quiet. Push a good amount of air aswell.
  3. Maximus IX Hero is the motherboard. There is an empty space in the front, the air just comes from the bottom. I put arrows on the picture to indicate the direction of the airflow, but as you can see the compartment with the blue lines is empty, it's 20x230x400mm (2l of air volume). Essentially there should always be 2l of fresh air the fans can take in. As you can see in the 3d and 4th picture someone put a radiator in the front. That's what Caroline suggested.
  4. Thanks for your reply. Just to be clear, i would keep the stock aluminum heatsinks of the VRM mosfets.I am not sure if there will be enough airflow in the case to cool the heatsinks. What do you think? Yeah sure i will mount some fans on the front rad aswell (in pull) and keep the bottom fans aswell. i guess that would be enough air. What thickness for the front rad would you suggest 30mm or 56?
  5. Hi I ordered my watercooling gear several years ago but never got the chance to actually build it, but tomorrow i will start. I ordered several radiators back then to figure out the best possible layout, for some reason i didn't send any back. My case is an In WIn 909 I am just gonna cool my GPU 1080GTX and my CPU i7-9770K. Is it okay not to watercool the VRM mosfets? So basically these are the radiators i have: XSPC RX360 Dimensions: 130 x 56 x 398.5mm (WxDxH) Hardware Labs Black Ice GTS 360 398mm x 133mm x 29.6mm
  6. I was watching a movie and suddendly an image freezes and stays while the movie continues. Even when i closed the movie the image still stayed on my desktop like a backround. So i restarted my PC and the image still stayed, even when freshly booting the PC and the screen is still black. Any suggestions?
  7. Yes they would work or yes i would need a different pcb?
  8. Hey I was wondering if it's possible to replace mechanical switches with optical switches in a keyboard? Or would a different PCB be needed? Cheers
  9. Heyo After extensive research and price comparisons i narrowed it down to these 3 PSU's but i am struggling to make up my mind. 1. Seasonic Prime PX 650W $148. Looks the best, best performing doesn't have capacitors in the cables.All other platinum power supplies like the Fractal ION+ or Be Quiet are only $15-20 less, not worth it considering they aren't as good and have thicker cables. 2. Seasonic Focus GX 650w $97 3. CHIEFTEC Polaris, 650 Watts $89 Performs super well, different tests on german websites have measured over 92.5% efficiency, Drawbacks, has a s
  10. Thanks a lot. I think when i explained my problem it already excluded most of the troubleshooting you copied. I got it to work now by disconnecting every auxilarry cable from the case (IN WIn 505) and shorting the pins on the motherboard. It didn't boot, then i pressed the "Start" switch on the motherboard and it worked. Note that i tried to press the start switch also before shorting the pins and it didnt work. I will try again tomorrow troubleshooting each cable that goes from the case to the motherboard. But it's still very weird because it wo
  11. Hey While playing i accidentally unplugged my USB keyboard and when trying to plug it back in the PC just shut down. All the LED lights are still burning, when i press the power switch nothing happens. I tried both with the switch on the motherboard and with a screwdriver on the pins where the pins from the case cable are connected. I tried to disconnect from the motherboard all unnecessary stuff aswell. The interesting thing is when i disconnect the power cable from the back of the PC and plug it back in and then try to boot the PC the fans start spinning f