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  1. Hey Guys, I am runninga windows home server (2011) and have been running a storage config of two raid 1 arrays, one that is 1TB and another that is 2TB. The 1TB array has OS and some data stored on it, however one of the drives in it has just failed, meaning I can't boot into the OS. I have read elsewhere that you need to buy a new identical drive and swap that in in order to rebuild the array, however thinking about it, I realised it would make more sense to buy a SSD and put the OS from the failed array on that, and back the remaining data from that array to my 2TB array. I am not sure e
  2. I have been struggling with this problem for a long time; ever since i installed win 8.1 on my gaming computer my whs 2011 stopped backing it up, i also had this problem with a win 8.1 laptop but i found a hotfix that sorted backup for the laptop but it still fails for my pc. It gets to about 3% then stops and says unsucessful. If anyone knows a fix for this I'd be very greatful.
  3. I take it to my local repair shop that is a Samsung one,but never directly contacted Samsung, I will try.
  4. BBB?, by the way I already contact my carrier orange (im in the uk) and I now have £10 off every month because the orginal time it broke it took 4 weeks to be mended...but I rely on my phone and can no longer trust it, when I got it it didn't pass my mind that it would break, and yeah there seem to be lots of posts about it, but no review sites mention it.
  5. Hi guys, My Samsung galaxy s 3 had just broken again for the 3rd time in months, each time it is making me more angry; I take it to the repair shop, they mend it, then after a few weeks of blissful full functionality it decides to break again...the person in the shop said that Samsung never give out actual new replacement handsets, so im dreading another year stuck with this phone, constantly breaking. To be precise the first time the phone died completely, no turning on or anything, and the past two times it has randomly turned off then when you try and turn it back on it gets stuck in boot
  6. Hi guys,I need to buy a battery for my galaxy s3, as I'm going on a long trip. After seeing slicks antec video wondering if anyone has any recommendations, or if I should get one of them.
  7. Given the growing popularity of m itx im surprised they arent shocasing any micro atx boards
  8. Plugging a hard drive into a undervolted molex
  9. Hdmi 1.4 is 60hz for 1080p, however if it is 1.4b It should support 120hz
  10. I know lots of people use alpha cool all copper rads, linus did in his bitfenix prodigy watercoooing guide. I have also heard that blackice stleath pro is a good rad.