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  1. I got a BSOD "Unexpected store Exception" (I am using a temporary PSU which is cheaper than the old one) does this means.. that the PSU did some damage to my other hardware too? even Linux (installed in a separate HDD is crashing ) it is not at all booting properly (I dual boot windows and arch) only windows boots now that too giving this BSOD or this new cheap PSU is frying my hardware? I got BSOD 2 times today should I just wait for new PSU to come or should I use this even cheaper PSU till the new one comes?
  2. I didn't thought that PSU was that bad.. The one I am using now.. is even cheaper one of course it is temporary... I cannot use this cheaper one and risk my whole PC Lol
  3. Thank you so much for giving this much details... have a good day
  4. Thanks for the suggestions I am happy that.. my home was not on fire and nothing happened to my CPU too
  5. haha.. but it didn't blew up with any sound.. only smokes came out from it.. no sounds came Lol
  6. it was a normal day, I just turned on my PC and all of a sudden smoke came from my power supply and it even melted the cable which was connected in the wall my PC was clean.. I clean my whole PC every month even the airflow was optimal it is not congested.. or covered What happened to my PSU? like, it was totally fine a day before now it's like this.. My other components are perfectly all right PC spec, 1. CPU - Intel I5 - 9400F 2. GPU - Nvidia GT 710 3. RAM - 16 Gb DDR4 Which PSU should
  7. Ok.. I installed refind.. and I booted into refind... I can only see Garuda linux... Nothing else.. so I think I need to install windows.. with uefi
  8. are you in discord? I think I need more help and if it is discord.. it will be fine... can you give your discord id?
  9. So If I install this OS without UEFI it will work right?
  10. So I need to install Garuda Linux without UEFI? am I right?
  11. Literally didn't understood the first line but is there any fix for this? or crying is the only last option?
  12. I can't understand.. it is an unanswered question and not related to this