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  1. Yeah, I got the 27GL850-B Thanks y'all for the help
  2. @BuckyBallin Sadly the S2719DGF is sitting at ~450€, and the S2721DGF is sold out, and has waiting times for months. Is the MSI MAG274QRF-QD even released yet? The Gigabyte FI27Q-P costs 600€ :c Do you mean Lenovo Legion? - It costs 450€ aswell Also had the ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ in mind, but its 460€ That's why the LG 27GL850-B is interesting for me, because there is an offer for 350€
  3. Hey guys, right now I am struggling to make even a close selection of monitors, because I am pretty overwhelmed by the total selection. Currently I am searching for: 2560 x 1440 27 inch 144 Hz Compatiblity with both AMD and NVidia DisplayPort Suited for Gaming (not utterly trash contrast) Not used for Office, Multimedia or Media Creation Applications A budget of ~400€ Like every monitor comes with it up and downs, I can't see through which points would be important for my use case IPS/TN/VA and stuff like this are still kinda bi
  4. Just to make sure, the B550-A Pro is a good one, isnt it? Do you have other suggestions for his pcpartpickerlist? And btw, which 2070Super is the best bang for buck right now, cuz he is bugging me around with it
  5. @DutchGuyTom Thanks for your quick help regarding this matter Gonna try to convince him to the B450, otherwise he'll go towards B550; can't change it then /shrug Wishing you a good weekend!
  6. 1. No worries, I was just confused if you misread that. I just missed the reasoning in your first post ^^ 2. Last time I got recommended a B550/X570 board for myself. I went for MPG B550 Gaming Carbon on my own build. People were surprised about the kinda low prices, and just told me to go for it. (~165€-190€) 3. Okay, because I got "yelled" at that I went for 3200 on my personal build lol 4. No problem. He just liked my case on first glance, but the Meshify also looks great with it's front panel design. 5. Yeah, the only thing I know about monitors is FreeSync=AMD, G-Sync=NVidia and n
  7. @DutchGuyTom First of all, thanks for the reply. Did you intentionally went for the 1500€ "without" monitor, and not for 2000€ with a monitor? Just curious, cuz otherwise we could take a B550 board(?) And could I go with higher speed Memory, because of the Ryzen? Btw, my concern with the monitor is, that if I pick a AMD graphics card, and then a monitor, I would be bound to the FreeSync monitor for years.
  8. Sadly, we wouldn't even know how to start on flashing, or even overclocking a CPU. That's why we would opt for the 20XX series and the R5 3600. Gonna make a novice pcpartpicker list later, with my first thoughts. Do you have any recommandations for a solid monitor?
  9. Budget (including currency): 2000€ (Euro) Country: Germany Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): The 2000€ budget is including a monitor suited for the build, having like 1500€ for the parts and 500€(?) for the monitor. The budget is the total money capacity, it doesn't need to reach 2000€, if no perfomance gains are expected for more money spent. Monitor s
  10. Yeah, it seems like just a PCB with 2 screws, the wiring isn't even soldered to the PCB, the cables are just plugged into there
  11. @Perrytheplatypus43 They already replied 2 hours ago. Waay quicker than I thought. They never heard of such problem as well, but straight up offered a replacement part. Is that part difficult to replace?
  12. Ill keep you informed, but I guess it will take atleast a week
  13. Either by a call, letter, or their online formular. But found the serialnumber ^^ Gonna wait for their response