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    Greater Philly Area
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    Not Telling
  • Interests
    3D printing
    building computers
    sometimes gaming
    lots of CAD drafting (unfortunately)
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    chilling for an unprecedented amount of time
  • Occupation
    Civil Engineer


  • CPU
    Ryzen 5800X @ Stock (-0.05v offset)
  • Motherboard
    ASUS X570 TUF Gaming (WiFi)
  • RAM
    32gb (2x 2x8 kits) Patriot Viper Steel 4400 MT/s CL19 @ 3666 MT/s CL14 (FCLK @ 1833 MHz)
  • GPU
    EVGA 2080ti Black (Shunt Modded & Water Cooled)
  • Case
    Sliger Cerberus X (heavily modded at this point)
  • Storage
    Boot: Inland Platinum 2tb NVME
    Games: Intel 660p 2tb NVME
    Storage: Inland Pro 1tb SATA SSD
  • PSU
    Silverstone SX650-G (650 Watt 80+ Gold)
  • Display(s)
    2x Dell S2719DGF (27" 1440p @ 144hz)
    1x LG 35WN75C-B (35" 1440p UW @ 100hz)
  • Cooling
    Noctua NH-D15
  • Keyboard
    Logitech MX Keys
  • Mouse
    Logitech G604
  • Sound
    Speakers: N/A
    Headphones: AKG K240 | Razer Kraken BT Kitty Edition | Aftershokz OpenMove
    Recording: MXL 990 & Behringer UMC22
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 & Ubuntu 20.04
  • Laptop
    Dell XPS 9560 4k
    OS: Windows 10 & Ubuntu 20.04
    Upgrades: 1tb NVME drive, 32gb RAM, Intel WiFi Module

    Dell XPS 7590 (1080p)
    OS: Windows 10
  • Phone
    OnePlus 6T
  1. yeah without any extra parts im pretty limited in troubleshooting. as for the extremely loose memory timings, i had something around cl14 stable waaaay back when i first got the memory kits but after a few bios flashes i just got too lazy to manually punch in all those timings and i ended up sticking with the default xmp timings and just dropped the speed to 3600 to get into windows. i've ordered an ASUS ProArt x570 Creator board (ever since the b550 version was released i've been waiting/hoping for one to drop) so maybe something will change with that
  2. Any ideas for what could possibly cause this then?
  3. Hi all, So full disclosure I made a post about this on reddit but it got downvoted, I don't know why, Maybe I didn't follow reddiquete or something. Basically, my stable settings which had been fine for months are no longer bootable after I tried some basic settings with PBO. I'll try to lay out the details as clearly as possible because I was also being told it was my memory settings, and I guess it is now, but the point I was trying to get through was that it wasn't a problem until after PBO and I would like to know why. Basic Info: I used to run two kits of 2x8gb 4400m
  4. problem solved. just paid the whole thing up front. btw, credit worthiness was not my concern. i was not sure who to contact to get the application re-reviewed, if that could even be done, and if not would re-applying even be possible (it wasn't). i thought that someone here might have made the same mistake when financing a phone and could point me in the right direction, maybe i didn't make that clear enough. also, i finally just realized this thread was in the laptops and pre-builts, not phones and tablets. that was not intentional so my bad.
  5. you have a good point but as another user pointed out it is 0% apr. for me it worked out to about $50/mo for 36mo or $75/mo for 24mo. pair that with a typical MVNO plan and what you have is basically a contract like what verizon/att/t-mobile/comcast/etc offer, except cheaper and more flexible. i have a lot of thoughts regarding the cost of "luxury" devices these days, especially when comparing what they cost now to what they cost just about 3-4 years ago, but that's for another time maybe
  6. mainly was looking for advice from people who have experienced this kind of issue before and what their outcome was. my frame of reference for credit scores is limited, but when i was buying my house my credit was referred to as, "okay", so that's my metric. i try to err on the side of caution for these things typically, this is the first time i've ever attempted to finance something that isnt a car or house.
  7. Hi everyone - I'm not sure exactly where this post should go so if this is the wrong forum, just yell at me So I was looking into getting the Z Fold3 and ever since the second one came out, I was really interested and decided to just go for it this time. Went through the whole pre-ordering process (unlocked w/ financing) and got to the financing application part - and got denied. I (yet again) forgot to unfreeze my credit lol. I've kept it frozen ever since the Equifax breach because I was one of the unlucky people in that fiasco. Anyways, I'm not sure what to do. Sho
  8. That first one looks like it will do the trick, thank you!!! I just placed an order so I should have them in a few days. Can't wait to have my gigabit internet back...
  9. Hey guys, For a serious of convoluted reasons, I ended up having to re-run some ethernet cables in my house using monoprice slimrun CAT6A. This would have been fine, but the problem is the cables are too slim to terminate with normal ethernet connectors. I ended up having to splice the old connector back on for the cable running from the verizon ONT to my router, and my gigabit speeds have dropped to about 35 mbps. I can't seem to find any connectors rated for 28 AWG (which is what size the monoprice slimrun cables use) that isn't like $30 per connector for some reason. I know they
  10. Yeah no luck with this. i guess the drive is fried. that kinda pisses me off ngl
  11. I just dug up an old PCIe M.2 adapter and I'm going to try that. I'm kind of afraid to try anything else in the native M.2 slot on that motherboard, I only got so many drives lol
  12. Hey guys, As the title suggests I am having an issue with an M.2 ssd. Currently trying to setup an unused server to be a temporary desktop for a friend of mine (it was going to be a surprise) and the M.2 boot drive is giving me some real headaches. It's a 512 gb NVME SK hynix drive from my old Dell XPS 9560. I tested it with an M.2 USB enclosure in the process of testing a bunch of different M.2 drives to see which one would be best for this system, and I had no trouble with it being detected by windows then. File transfers also worked just fine. I popped it into the system (ASUS ROG STRI
  13. I am also trying to set up something like this. Most likely what you will have to do is put your experimental router downstream of your existing and disable DHCP for the new one. I think this means you'll have to do all your port forwarding (or most of it) on the family router. I think you will also have to manually assign IPs to the devices connected to your experimental router and setup VLANs if you want any sort of network segregation. Not sure which router you would need to configure for that part but most routers don't go through any sort of restart procedure if you're just assigning IPs
  14. Hey guys, I'm in the process of configuring my setup for my first homelab, and I can't really seem to find an answer to the subject question. I know the cantilever shelves all have weight limits etc, but are they ever used to support an actual chassis? All the images I see have things like non-rack switches and printers etc. I kinda want one affordable solution for all my rack mounting in the future. I don't want to have to buy a $30-$40 adjustable shelf for every system or try to figure out what rails will work with which chassis. To me, it looks like a "cheap" $20 6" cantilever shelf might d
  15. Yep, this lol. So I haven't contacted Verizon directly yet, but from what I saw regarding others trying to do the same thing, the only way to do it with Verizon is a business account. The price of a business account is just way too much to justify. From what I can tell, some managed switches can function as a DHCP server but most don't. I don't really know what double NAT is yet, all I know about it is that most of the time its a problem