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  1. Unfortunalty there is no fibre in this apartment. And i don't really know my neighbours. It's in the City and in this Building are like 15 Other Apartments. Here is my DSLReports History: 2020-10-27 17:27:34 532 26.6 24 D A B Cable Kabel Deutschland 18 / 18 2020-10-20 14:54:27 515 4.25 19 F A+ C Cable Kabel Deutschland 18 / 18
  2. I need some help/advice. I recently moved from Switzerland to Germany. Unfortunatly is the Internet in germany way worse in Quality. Before i had a 1Gb Fibreline and a ping of 20-30. In my actual Appartment i have 2 Options 1gb (i have 500mb because 1gb is way to expensive) Cable (Coax) the other Option is DSL (Copper) 250Mb max. My actual ping is 40-60 and by feeling very unstable. What can i optimize? How can i test out what brings the best results for me? Better & stable Ping is more important than bandwith to me, so downgrading from 500mb/s to 250mb/s is not a pr
  3. I have a Asus XG279q as Mainmonitor for gaming etc and was looking for a sidemonitor. So my Main is 175Hz IPS 1440p 27" and i wanted the secondary also to have 27". I use my secondarymonitor for: watching Videos/Youtube while gaming webbrowsing some coding I orderd a ASUS PA278QV 27" Pro Art for 360€ and now stumbled over a good discount. I could get a Dell UltraSharp 27" U2720Q. But this one is 4k for 540€ and Dell list it for 846€. Now i'm not sure which one to pick, specially because of the different Resolutions to my Mainmonitor on the s
  4. I'm looking for a aux Monitor forms Setup. Main is a 144Hz 27" 1440p IPS Gsync The Aux should also be 1440p and 27". I will use it to watch Netflix/YouTube. Coding and Webrowsing while gaming on main.
  5. Ok thanks! I'm always struggling with decisiona like that
  6. This will be my first mount, I don't have any expirience. What is the pro / con of 2 single arms Vs one mount with two arms? Can't really decide with what I should go.
  7. Mostly WoW. 90% of the time. And between slow stuff like crusader kings, Crpgs like Wasteland, Divinity original Sin etc Fastest Stuff I play is Stuff like Witcher 3, GTA/RDR
  8. I have right now a 240hz 1080p Gsync 240Hz Monitor. I play WoW at a decent level but my FPS are between 100-160 in Raids/m+ so i can't really make use of a 240Hz Monitor i think. Now i'm thinking about switching to a 1440p 144 or 165? HZ Monitor with 27''. What are the benefits of the better resolution? Or what are the advantages in general? What would be your advise? System is: Ryzen 3600x Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 OC Edition Gaming - 8GB
  9. I want to buy a second monitor. My main has 240hz and Gsync. What specs do I need on the other one to not have issues with stuttering/downregulate refreshers etc?
  10. okay thank you..but i have to ask again. If i run my Main Monitor (the actual) with Gsync..the HZ syncs o my fps which is also uneven digits between..lets say 60 and 150..depending on what i do. So it can be everything also stuff like 89Hz 101Hz etc With the Old 60Hz i had..it stuttered always like hell when i had something like Netflix running. If i buy a 120Hz Monitor 1080p i Should have no problems with Gsync stuttering etc?
  11. @Smit Devrukhkar Does this also work if i run it at 144hz? Does the second Monitor also to have Gsync? Probaly Yes?
  12. i had a 60Hz 1440p Monitor before and i had alot of Problems. Stuttering etc, syncing down to 60hz etc..the whole stuff you can read alot on the internet about the Subject on Problems with different spec Monitors..
  13. I'm looking for a new Monitor to use with my DELL Alienware AW2518H 25''. The biggest Requierment is compability, there should be now Problems with the two in conjunction. I use Gsync, and wan't to avoid Stutters/Strange Refreshrate behavior. It is also an Option to use the 2518h as the second one. I use the Mainmonitor mostly for Gaming (also semi competive) and the Dualmonitor Setup for Work, watching stuff while Gaming etc
  14. Very nice, thank you! Can you tell.me more about the iPad? What should I check out/aim for? Size, age etc
  15. It's mostly for notetaking. I don't know excactly what i need, but i have a Laptop and a Desktop PC at Home. So i don't think i need the Tablet for more than the basic stuff like notetaking/reading and marking text etc.