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  1. That mobo isn't recommendable, if you are going into cheapo not interested in OC, go with a520M Aorus Elite, will do the job, after that if you wanna search for a good b450 depends on pricing maybe Steel Legends, or going with b550m Pro4 or b550m Bazooka, those will handle 3700X without any trouble. Besides that... SSD Less build? Isn't exactly the best option, any decent one will be a experience changer. And that Case it's just a mess with thermals, maybe phanteks P300A for a better option on the same price bracket.
  2. Depend on pricing but using this in reference $395|10850k. $485|3900X $550|5900X All the options have the same price/performance ratio. So... Depends on your budget on how high you wanna go. Just avoid 3950, 5800 and 5950 those have worse bang for the buck ratios.
  3. Depending on your local prices and stocks. But top recomendation to get most bang for your buck it's (Using this prices as reference): 1650 Super ($160) > RX 590 ($160) > RX 580 ($150) > 1660 Super ($230) or 1660 ($210). If you plan to stream GTX it's wiser option. If not, both are pretty good options. All these will be around x2~3 performance increase from your 750 ti
  4. I'll check all your recomendations, i'm from Mexico, so idk what i can get from all these, thanks for your time guys.
  5. I wanna get a new decent case, i don't care about aesthetics, but i want a good airflow performance mainly because i have a bit of thermal throttling on my setup. The best option i found it's Cooler Master NR600 for $70~ There is any better options around that price? EDIT: After searching stocks and so the single options that i could get it's Cooler Master NR600 or H500.
  6. I'm having a trouble with my voltage, mainly when i start a game or reach certain cpu usage point The voltage goes down as well the clock speed (using HWinfo i noticed it) And using Afterburner i know those drop spikes are each 30 secs (Yeah don't know why the temp read broke at the same time) Anyways it's just that not a single boot or shutdown problem, only performance issues, so what could be the problem? CPU damaged, mobo configuration, psu damaged or mobo damaged? This are my specs This are the mobo settings: On the JumperFree it's everything in Auto, i should c