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  1. I clean mine out when it gets dusty. Sounds simple, because it is. Don’t overthink it. I think in the year or so I’ve had this setup together I’ve cleaned it out twice. Try to avoid using a vacuum as it can generate static, but I have used one before with no problems. I have a Datavac blower that I really love, cheaper versions are available along with canned “duster” products that work fine.
  2. My first order from CableMod I received a totally different color and PSU than I ordered. I contacted them, and they sent my correct order and told me to keep the wrong order. They make mistakes, but they’re cool about it. Now I’ve got a red EVGA PSU kit on standby…
  3. @PorkishPig I can send it back, got it from Amazon. Ordered the Netgear C7100V. Dealing with Comcast is always an infuriating and disappointing experience. Thank you again for your help and suggestions, maybe someday I'll get through this easy modem swap.
  4. I did provide the MAC address. The tech on the phone told me their system will no longer allow a modem without phone capability and its own separate MAC address IF my service has phone... which it does. Doesn't matter if I use the phone or not (I don't), it needs to be there if it's on my service plan. He said it's a new thing. Must be, as the modem I bought is actually on their current approved equipment list. Infuriating. I did reinstall Chrome, but since it was working again shortly after the initial recurrence, I don't know if it helped or not.
  5. @PorkishPig OK, having been unsuccessful in installing a new modem (Comcast won't recognize a new modem if it doesn't have phone capability, because phone is on my account whether I use it or not... grrrrrr....) I am now getting the redirect from smile.amazon.com again. However, I do have the warning page info this time. NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID This server could not prove that it is smile.amazon.com; its security certificate is from ansnei.3cx.dk. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection. Proceed to smile.amazo
  6. @PorkishPigI don’t have a separate modem, it’s part of the Comcast box. I’ll likely get one of the units you listed once I get home and can check them out closely. My place is fairly small so I doubt coverage will be a problem. Best thing will be giving Comcast their box back and saving $14 a month. Thank you for the suggestions, I’ll look them over later
  7. @PorkishPigI suppose I'm getting my terms mixed up here somewhat, I would need a modem and router combo since the Xfinity unit has the coax input and wireless router in one unit. I started looking at various routers only to realize the ones I was looking at didn't have a coax input on them... My current service speed is 200 Mbps, but I would like to be capable of higher since I want to get faster service eventually. Is there anything else I should be considering specs-wise?
  8. @PorkishPig A quick browse on Newegg tells me I have a lot to learn about modems!
  9. @PorkishPig No, just this desktop. Laptop and phone didn’t have any issues. Should I ditch the Comcast unit? (Or even CAN I..) BTW thank you very much for your help with this, it is much appreciated!
  10. @PorkishPig My router is a Xfinity provided unit, best I can figure by looking at the labels the model is Dual-Band 802.11ac. I was unable to find anything labeled DNS in the router's graphic interface.
  11. @Nayr438 It hasn't given me the error message since I mashed "proceed anyway", I didn't take a screenshot. Date and time in the bottom right corner are correct. @PorkishPigClearing the cached images and files finally fixed the logo, and I'm downloading Malwarebytes now. I forgot my router password and now I'm locked out for 5 minutes, lol. I think I know what it is though.
  12. @PorkishPigOK I entered the DNS server numbers like you said and entered cmd /c ipconfig /flushdns in Run. Opening Amazon on Chrome the site appears to work, but it still has that 3CX logo next to the icon in Bookmarks. I'm a little worried about signing in to my Amazon account on Chrome. Anything else I should try? Should I even be worried about this?
  13. @PorkishPigNo matter how I type "control /name Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCenter" it gives me an error message. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but I don't know what.
  14. @PorkishPig Hopefully I did this right and this is what you're after. And hopefully I attached it right... Thank you so much for taking a look and helping me out, I would've had no idea how to access this information if someone asked for it and didn't tell me how to find it. PorkishPig.txt
  15. This is the history entry when the weirdness started... 3CX Phone System Management Consolesmile.amazon.com Here's a screenshot of my extensions