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  1. Hi guys, just a quick doubt here, it will be enough a ryzen 5 3600 to handle the next-gen of GPU? should I buy a ryzen 7 3700x? I have a based ryzen 5 3600 with a gtx 1660 super and I want to upgrade to the next gen. thanks btw.
  2. okay perfect, I will follow those steps, thanks guys!!
  3. Hi everyone, thanks for taking your time, I am beginner into this topic, but I want only to clear this two doubts for audio (maybe for you are going to sound trivial) 1) It is worth it to buy a Audio card for gaming and spotify music, youtube or is a overkill? I like to have sound quality, if that, what are your suggestions? 2) Motherboard audio quality, I have seen in my little research that the asus motherboards has the best "integrated" audio in their motherboards series because of the amount of audio capacitors, is that important to consider when buying a moth
  4. okay guys, now I have a more clear idea, my budget is 200$, so I think my call would be b550, I have plans to upgrade in the future!! I saw the x570 motherboards and are way more expensive (though I have seen bad reviews of the TUF GAMING version that is the cheapest and "entry" level in that kind) and thanks for your time in helping!!!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm pointing to build my first ever computer with: Ryzen 5 3600 and RTX 2060 Super, but I still don´t know what motherboard to choose right know, I have researched in forums and videos their specs but stil I have the doubt of what is worth it for the future, I know ryzen 4th gen are around the corner, so maybe you guys can help me in the choice, thanks for your time!! btw, also consider maybe if possible a slight overclocking.