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    Sweden, my home consists of nothing but IKEA


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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2x8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18
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    MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT Mech OC
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    Corsair Carbide Clear 600C (White)
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    2x Kingston A2000 M.2 (1 TB + 500 GB)
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    Corsair RM650x (v1)
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    ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 AIO + Raijintek Morpheus 8057

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  1. I know the best way is to just test it and compare the temperatures but I want to hear your thoughts before I do it. I have a bit of an unusual airflow situation since my Corsair 600C case has an inverted layout and I'm wondering if the bottom fans should be exhaust or intake. Right now I have two intake at the front with 3 exhaust (technically 4 with the top PSU). If I flipped the bottom ones it would likely cause high positive pressure being 4 intake and 1 (2 with the PSU) exhaust, but I'm not sure.
  2. I'm putting heatsinks on the memory chips and whatnot on my 5700 XT for an aftermarket cooler, and wonder if these small chips labeled R47 and 4R7 etc needs heatsinks as well. What are they? VRMs or something? Thanks in advance.
  3. According to AMD 95c is expected, at least with the stock cooler: https://www.pcgamer.com/amd-views-ryzen-5000-cpu-temperatures-up-to-95c-as-typical-and-by-design/ If it had pre-applied thermal paste there wouldn't be a sticker on the paste, you should be good.
  4. I am mirroring two displays, monitor 1 1440p 120hz via DP and monitor 2 (LG TV) at 1440p 60hz via HDMI 2.0. It works fine until I do anything that involves any type of animation, such as watching a video, scrolling in a window, moving a window around, or the biggest offender, playing a game. When I do those types of things the fps on monitor 1 (120) drops to the one of monitor 2 (60). The game still says it's running at 120 fps and the GPU load still indicates it's pumping out 120 fps, but monitor 1 itself only displays 60 fps. Like I said, this is ONLY an issue whenever I do somet
  5. What size thermal pads did you replace them with?
  6. Does anyone know if the Raijintek Morpheus 2 work with the MSI 5700 XT MECH OC? I've been curious for alternative cooling solutions since that card is a jet plane at higher fan speeds.
  7. Can't find anything about that on my TV's specs page, but that might be it. It would explain the random "Invalid Format" messages. Thanks for the tip!
  8. Hello! I'm having some issues and am about to pull my hair out. I have my LG TV plugged into my PC for an extra display via an active HDMI 1.4 (this is the one I have: https://www.inet.se/produkt/8906629/deltaco-hdmi-kabel-1-4-ha-ha-aktiv-vit-10m) and both my GPU and TV has HDMI 2.0, so there shouldn't be any compatibility issues. My goal is to do 1440p 60hz. 1080p works with pretty much any framerate up to 144hz, but as soon as I try any resolution above 1080p, even just 1920x1200p, it displays no image at all unless I'm running 30hz, and even then some modes aren't working proper
  9. Budget (including currency): £1000 Country: UK Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Overwatch, Minecraft, CSGO, to start with. Other details: Upgrading from an old machine in which the parts are irrelevant, except for a 500 GB SSD which will still be used. No monitor or extra storage is needed for the moment. This is the current list I have: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/RiktigaRonny/saved/4Mtwcf
  10. I think the 3700X should be good enough for a 3070. 5600X would yield a bit better framerate but if you need to wait months to get one then a 3700X isn't a terrible idea, especially since it should be better for other stuff than gaming because of the higher core count. I've also seen many people pairing a regular 3600 with a 3080 without any major bottlenecks so again, you should be fine.
  11. Holy crap I've been looking for a way to sync my case fans to my GPU for ages! My GPU fans sound like an airplane and I've wanted to lower them and use my better sounding Noctua case fans instead. This is awesome and works like a charm, just what I wanted! Thank you for making this!!!
  12. 2600, 1650 and 8 gb ram for $699? Doesn't seem like a good deal at all. Could probably fit at least a 1650S and 16 gb ram for that place if you go custom.