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  1. Hey there, noobie here asking few questions hope I'm on the right sub =) Is the snort package the same as having snort running on an other machine on the same network as pfsense (duh) or there are few things missing in the package? Is this package ONLY using predefined rules based on snort's knowledge or can I add my own rules? and if so what are the differences from those rules and pfsense's fw rules? and finally a less pfsense related question but I'll throw it in here, how can I test my snort (see more of the possible alerts produced)? I've tried visi
  2. Thanks, no its not for gaming it's for my mom, teacher who might use some solidworks.
  3. Oh I see because I honestly didn't expected it to have 4gb of vram, also the google result shouldn't be like that or am I wrong again ? ._. How about the bottle neck problem, is there none ? And should I delete this post later ?
  4. Hi, I apologize in advance if this question is too dumb to answer. So by googling the max ram for the mx230 I get 4gb, what I don't get is why A LOT of laptops have this gpu with 8gb of ram, that doesn't make sense, so what's the catch here? Also is there some kind of bottle neck with a i5-10210U (ACER ASPIRE 3 A315-52G) or a i7-10510U (ACER ASPIRE 3 A315-55G), because to me it seems like an entry level gpu with a high end cpu right ? Thanks in advance.
  5. I mean if jonnyGURU himself said its normal then it is ! yeah I have disabled powering my USBs from the bios (but they are still plugged-in idk if that matters) besides as jonny said it should be the RAM. thanks again.
  6. Hi, as the title says my coolermaster mwe 550w 80+ bronze does make a veeeery low buzzing (?) sound when the pc is off, but I have to be really close to it and no surrounding noise. Is this a commun psu thing or it happens sometimes and its ok or something is not right or I am in a grave danger (hope not ). Looking for you answers thanks in advance.
  7. ooo yeah makes sense they could measure different stuff ! thanks for your time and your replies
  8. oh ok thx now is that a normal thing nothing to worry about having different temps (60c and 16c) cuz it keeps trigging me every time I see it x)
  9. Hi, what exactly are the TMPIN* (I'm assuming those are the CPU cores ?) and why does one have higher than the average and the other is lower ? Also what are these VIN* and why do I have 8 (why not 6 like the cores) Thanks
  10. Dalli

    2 questions

    yeah its for free, that why I asked is it worth the hassle to change from 2 fans to 3 fans, apparently it is ^^
  11. Dalli

    2 questions

    I remember all cores were at ~63C during the night with natural air (no AC) while the pc was only downloading fortnite via the launcher
  12. Dalli

    2 questions

    yeah but I dont think that I have fans on the front , I got the onl fan on the back and the cpu fan on its left and an air hole on top
  13. Dalli

    2 questions

    I got a R5 3600 and 1660S , I got a pny (2 fans) and the shop I bought from suggested to change it to a gigabyte x3 gaming (cuz of a shipping issue) so you think I should keep the pny ? so the case fan blows out and the air hole on top should be able to get enough air in , meanwhile the cpu and gpu fans will manage with the air inside
  14. Dalli

    2 questions

    Thanks everyone for your help I'm not currently near the case but I really doubt there is one on the front seeing its the only one should the case fan (RED) on the back blow air IN or OUT ? and cuz the cpu fan(GREEN) isnt facing any "air hole" would the airflow be fine ? here is a fast paint drawing of the case
  15. Dalli

    2 questions

    yeah sorry everyone I missed the first question, edited.