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  1. Thanks but just to clarify when I said 2.0 I meant 2 speakers, 2.1 I mean 2 speakers and sub woofer, I wasn't referring to the Bluetooth standard.
  2. Can anyone reccomend a pair of speakers for my gaming desktop? I would like to keep budget under £100 and also would like the ability to connect phone via Bluetooth, would prefer 2.0 but would consider 2.1 Many thanks
  3. Can I check if this is normal behaviour, i have a HP zbook 17 G6 that hits 90C on the CPU if I hit it with a heavy load. I have cleaned out the vents and fans and did a repaste of MX5 thermal paste and repeated, the numbers are still the same. I'm not thermal throttling but 90 C seems high. Is this normal or is there another issue? Thanks
  4. I have just put together my pc with some old parts, I don't have any money so got some hand me downs from friends. I have a asrock z68 extream 4 gen 3 motherboard, installed all the drivers and it works perfectly except no sound. All devices show, and the sound control panel has the green bar moving up and down on the related device to indicate audio playback. I have put an old soundblaster pci card in and that works fine so speakers are OK. To fix I have updated bios to latest, reinstalled windows 10, updated the realtek driver from asrock website but still no sound. Is it possibl
  5. I'm looking at upgrading my GPU, a friend has offered me his old MSI 980TI for £150 (UK), the card is immaculate but is this a good deal? Is 980ti still decent in 2020?
  6. Ah didn't know that ill check it out, thanks
  7. Is there a way to set the colour of the RGB lights in hardware? I just want it as its current colour permanently as MSI Dragon Centre is a hot piece of garbage bloatware and don't want it on my system, unfortunately without it the light is just a continuous rainbow colour. Any ideas?
  8. Ah great didn't realise that, thanks for the info.
  9. So I am going to be ordering a 5900X tomorrow to drop into a brand new motherboard, I have bought the MAG X570 Tomahawk, its currently new and sealed sat in a box. My question is will the CPU drop in and work? As I am coming from an intel build I have no access to previous gen CPUs to perform a bios update. Thanks TC
  10. I know I need to wait for reviews for the definitive answer but just asking peoples thoughts. Im one of the 10 series owners waiting on the new NV cards, currently have a 1080TI and really considering a 3070 or maybe even a 3080 on launch. My CPU is the 8700K (6C12T) do you think that will still cut it with the new cards, dont want to leave performance on the table ideally. Hate using the word bottleneck but do you think 8700K is still good enough to run these cards? Appreciate anyone's thoughts regards TC
  11. Anybody else have actual experience doing this?
  12. Its and intel core I7 with 32gb RAM but not sure why this matters when talking about a GPU upgrade I know its not soldered to the board like I said I could source the M5000M add in board, but is it plug and play or is there any bios or other issues I need to be aware of as laptop GPU upgrades are not as simple as desktop upgrades.
  13. I have a Zbook G3 17 with an Nvidia M1000M board, I can source a M5000M board with the officially supported part number according to the service guide. Is it just a case of a drop in upgrade, ie take the old card out and put the new card in and it should work? Anyone had experience of this or are there any other modifications I need to be aware of
  14. Oh well ill just have to live with 1080p then, thanks for the feedback anyway.