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  1. Ok thanks, Ya i've been thinking since i have the three nas if the raid5 would have been a bit of an overkill
  2. Good day, Im thinking of buying three identical synology nas for a project I'm doing. Two are going to be at home directly link together for fail-over mode and a third offsite being mirrored (so essentially all three going to be a backup of each other). I cant decide if i should run in RAID 5 so i still can sustain a drive failure ( so essentially i need to lose two nas and 2 drives before any data lose occur) or just setup it up in raid 0 for maximum storage (where i would need to lose just 2 nas and 1 drive to lose data). Any thoughts?
  3. Thanks but the 144 is the more expense version, yes it upgrade-able has 2 m.2 slots n supports up 2 64Gb of ram. The 144 comes with the upgraded ram n ssd vs the 240 one.
  4. Good day guys, I am torn in making a decision could you please advice me thanks. So my issue is i have a budget of $1800 for purchasing a laptop and i have narrowed down my choice to the MSI GS66 out of this model i have two option one for $1700 and the other $1800. $1700 GPU: 2060 6GB Display 240hz CPU: i7 10750H RAM: 16GB SSD: 512GB $1800 GPU: 2060 6GB Display 144hz CPU: i7 10750H RAM: 32GB SSD: GB I was originally thinking getting the one for 1700 and then upgrade ram n ssd later when i have cash. I
  5. Quinntun


    No RAM, CPU, HDD utilization are all normal 35% 0-5% and 0-10% respectively
  6. Quinntun


    I have already done sooo
  7. Quinntun


    Good day, I have this friend I'm trying to help out, with her PC. She needs IE for work purposes and work purposes only. When i boot the PC in safe mode it works great it works as intending, but however when it starts normally it takes almost 15mins or more (never timed it but extremely long time) to open while the other browsers chrome and firefox opens immediately. And even after it opens it takes another long time to do anything on it. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling IE11, system restore, windows update, SFC /scannow (no issues detected), upgraded from windows 7
  8. Good day, I would like to know if anyone know of a program or has a program that is able to convert a video to binary format? Yes i already know that all files are saved in a binary for the computer to be able to read it. But I would want it saved like a text file or something where i would be able to manually edit the file, or just be able to read the file as "1000100100111011110010010011000001001001001001010".
  9. No you are not, personally i care more about performance than process size, i have not even seen much a difference in performance or power efficiency with die shrinks
  10. I honestly believe this is due to Ryzen being able to match the performance, on a ST performance and beat it on MT performance, since they have gotten so complacent with being in the lead for so long and having no competition but now they do they will need to refocus the effects on making better products rather than shrinking it. I'm really happy AMD has risen again (well it appears so when it comes we will know for sure) we can finaly have good healthy competition again and we the customers will win. Original story from PCWorld http://www.pcworld.com/article/3175724/computers/
  11. WOW!!! Epic!!! Username:Quinntun Fav: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 Thanks for give away, you all the best keep up the good work.
  12. Microsoft's $750 million data center investment in WyomingThe Cowboy State seems to be a good place for data centers, as indicated by Microsoft spending three-quarters of a billion dollars on data center operations there in the past four years. Wyoming has a lot going for it, including being a seemingly good location for data-center operations. Case in point, Microsoft representatives and Wyoming's Governor Matt Mead announced on February 17, 2015 Microsoft's up to $200 million data-center expansion near Cheyenne, Wyoming. "If you had told me four years ago that a company would be investin
  13. WOW that is soo perfect i was/am planning on rebuilding my pc from scratch, and this is the CPU i having being eyeing since it came out. If i win that's one less item off my shopping cart, this would go to some serious multitasking, (when i decide to stop playing games and actually do work, or do work while i game hehehehehehehehe).