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  1. Amazing. Thanks so much. Connected and ready to go
  2. Hey Still awaiting for a new WIFI Network card for my build. I need to work from home but my desktop is located on the other side of the house from my modem. I don't want to buy a massively long ethernet cable as it's a waste of money for something that will be fixed within the next 5 days. Was wondering if I could turn the WIFI on my phone then activate USB Tethering and that would use my home network rather than using my provider usage on my phone. I asked Samsung live chat and they said it's not possible but I find that hard to believe. Thanks for the help
  3. Thanks so much for your opinion. I thought desktops were more rubust but general consensus is saying im wrong. I like your idea for the storage. I'll look into that. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for your time. Might just have to eat the cost of a laptop and sink another $1000 for ssds and enclosures
  5. Thanks for your time responding. Didn't think of the cooler. Good point. Specs I need I'll need to look into Predators, Alienware, MSI or Razor. Most pricepoints start at $4000.
  6. Hey Everyone New to the Forum! Please help me!!! I don't know if this is even possible. I am currently planning a road trip around Australia. I will be on the road for approx 2 years, might go back home for a few weeks during the trip. The Aussie Outback can be harsh, dusty, wet and reach temps around 40 Degrees Celsius during the day. I will be driving on washboarding / corrugation roads along with sections off-road. I will have a 4 wheel drive with beefy airbag suspension. I want to build a desktop computer that we can travel with as my wife is a photographer and blogg