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    I like computer stuff and music.
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    I was born, and now I am here.


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  1. The ip on the router website wasnt called a wan ip though, it was called a Public ip, but it was still different from the one in Google.
  2. They are not. I just checked the ip through the app, and the wan is much shorter. I tried to give them the wan to connect to the server because it worked for me, but it didn't work for them.
  3. Where can I find the ips? In what menu or what website?
  4. I do not know what that is, or how to check.
  5. It does not work, it just says "No ipV6 support yet," if there anyway to combine my ip with my ipv4 ip?
  6. I recently made a Rust server for me and some friends, but they aren't able to properly connect, and I need to know how I can find the server's ip. Thanks in advance. I can connect but they cannot.
  7. Minecraft constantly crashes, it's basically unplayable.
  8. I am playing Rust, Minecraft, modded Minecraft, CS:GO, Unturned, Terraria, Risk of Rain 2, TF2
  9. I recently built a computer, and my games are crashing after playing them for a while. Sometimes it's an hour, and sometimes it's seconds. Can anyone help? I have a r7 5800x, 16 gb of dual-channel 3600 ram (xmp enabled), and a 3070. All settings are stock, and temps never seem crazy high, the hottest ive seen the gpu is 65 degrees during a benchmark, and 86 degrees for the cpu using cinebench r20. My gpu drivers are up to date, and I am just confused.
  10. It is still saying that I am using the outdated drivers... Even after installing and a reboot.