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  1. Hello everyone, Yesterday I changed pc and now I dowloaded the HyperX NGENUITY(Beta) . This new software was reaally confusing and I couldn't set the profile keybinds, so I downloaded the old one and then when I turned on the pc today the lights didn't turn on and the profiles don't work (this is with old software). Can someone help me settting up different profiles on this keyboard (on both softwares) ? And why aren't the lights turning on when I turn the pc and only when I open de software ?
  2. Im from Portugal . I dont prefer any type of switch , I just want one that is silent and its good for gaming. About the sensitive thing , is it really that different ?
  3. Hello everyone , I have been searching for a keyboard under 100€ budget and that is silent. The best keyboard I could find is this one : HyperX Alloy Fps Rgb Kailh Speed Silver . Is this a good keyboard ? Are there any issues wth this keyboard ? Thanks you !
  4. Hello everyone,. Which of these CPU's is best for gaming Ryzen 7 2700X or Ryzen 5 3600
  5. Hello everyone , Is this a good PSU ? Nox Hummer X750W 80 PLUS Gold Full Modular
  6. If I go for this one is 550W enough?
  7. I was going to buy this one https://www.pcdiga.com/fonte-de-alimentac-o-seasonic-s12iii-series-650w-80plus-bronze Is it good ?
  8. I was going to buy this one https://www.pcdiga.com/fonte-de-alimentac-o-seasonic-s12iii-series-650w-80plus-bronze
  9. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/XTPcJb
  10. pcdiga.com Under 70€ ? Whats de difference between gold and bronze then ?
  11. pcdiga.com Under 70€.
  12. I really dont care about looks I just want cheaper ones and good quality ones . I dont care about cables
  13. Most of those dont exist on my country , plus , I said that I «need» non modular because I dont care about looks I care about price/quality. Gold or bronze ?
  14. My country doesnt has anything from Be Quiet , about the non modular topic , I am under a budget and I need to cut some money off , considering my case has that «box» below to hide some cables and I dont care a lot about looks but performance ,yeah non modular is the best. Whats the big difference between both of them , the gold and bronze , and which one should I pick.
  15. Hello everyone, I built a new pc for casual gaming , I wont overclock anything and wont do crazy stuff with the pc , its just casual use. built url I need a non modular PSU , its needs to be good because I cant afford any of my specs to get toasted . Do I need a gold one or bronze is enough with non overclock ?
  16. Wait , new amds cards are worth ? I thought those would be high tier and expensive . I was waiting to get 5700Xt cheaper because the prices might drop down with news cards. Can you explain me briefly about the new amds cards ? Edit : Is there any problem in buying micro atx instead of atx , I dont need more ram space and dont care about size , I just want cheaper
  17. COD Warzone , Fortnite , but I am aiming for future games with higher graphics
  18. I just placed 5600XT as an option because I really like the Saphire Pulse GPU , for the games I play the 5600XT seems fine , but it doesnt reach 144 fps consistent and I wanted to use 144Hz monitor , is it worth then ?
  19. Is it really that different ?
  20. I only need pc for gaming btw , https://pcpartpicker.com/list/yQXc8M
  21. Hello everyone, I am building a new pc for gaming 1080p , 144Hz , non ultra . And I need to cut some money of the difference between 5700XT and 5600XT is 100€ . Which one should I choose ?
  22. 5700 non XT or 5600 Xt ? I was going to choose 5600 XT because it has the pulse version which I like
  23. thx , but I dont need storage , the only part I am reusing from my old pc is the SDD which has 480GB non m.2 which is enough for me
  24. yeah sure thanks for all the help .
  25. First thing tysm , I went for ryzen 5 3600 because its a good cpu for the price and I dont pretend to change it . People told me to use stock cooler and dont buy the hyper 212 , the B550 you recommended its not available on my country , and all the b550 on my country are +100€ plus people told me when/if I upgrade the pc that motherboard will be outdated anyway so just go for a b450 . btw is there any different between micro atx and atx besides ram space and more entrances ? because I want to go for an micro atx just to save money . The cases on my country are actually embarrasin