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  1. Hello everyone , Is this a good PSU ? Nox Hummer X750W 80 PLUS Gold Full Modular
  2. If I go for this one is 550W enough?
  3. I was going to buy this one https://www.pcdiga.com/fonte-de-alimentac-o-seasonic-s12iii-series-650w-80plus-bronze Is it good ?
  4. I was going to buy this one https://www.pcdiga.com/fonte-de-alimentac-o-seasonic-s12iii-series-650w-80plus-bronze
  5. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/XTPcJb
  6. pcdiga.com Under 70€ ? Whats de difference between gold and bronze then ?
  7. pcdiga.com Under 70€.
  8. I really dont care about looks I just want cheaper ones and good quality ones . I dont care about cables
  9. Most of those dont exist on my country , plus , I said that I «need» non modular because I dont care about looks I care about price/quality. Gold or bronze ?
  10. My country doesnt has anything from Be Quiet , about the non modular topic , I am under a budget and I need to cut some money off , considering my case has that «box» below to hide some cables and I dont care a lot about looks but performance ,yeah non modular is the best. Whats the big difference between both of them , the gold and bronze , and which one should I pick.
  11. Hello everyone, I built a new pc for casual gaming , I wont overclock anything and wont do crazy stuff with the pc , its just casual use. built url I need a non modular PSU , its needs to be good because I cant afford any of my specs to get toasted . Do I need a gold one or bronze is enough with non overclock ?
  12. Wait , new amds cards are worth ? I thought those would be high tier and expensive . I was waiting to get 5700Xt cheaper because the prices might drop down with news cards. Can you explain me briefly about the new amds cards ? Edit : Is there any problem in buying micro atx instead of atx , I dont need more ram space and dont care about size , I just want cheaper
  13. COD Warzone , Fortnite , but I am aiming for future games with higher graphics
  14. I just placed 5600XT as an option because I really like the Saphire Pulse GPU , for the games I play the 5600XT seems fine , but it doesnt reach 144 fps consistent and I wanted to use 144Hz monitor , is it worth then ?
  15. Is it really that different ?