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  1. i think its from the amd software maybe ? i dont have any other software
  2. it happens in every game , and no the riva tuner isnt on
  3. hello everyone, somehow I turned this on and i cant turn it off
  4. Is it safe or it can damage my pc ?
  5. is it safe to enable that ?
  6. On thing I forgot to tell, I only lag when I stream on discord. I ve checked that and its fine but the old monitor doesnt have v sync
  7. I get 60 fps then I get frames drop to 50 fps and its lagging and unplayble
  8. less then 60 fps prob 55 fps
  9. Sorry for bothering you with easy questions but.. My GHP drivers are updated, did it last week; My RAM is on dual channel but whats XMP ? My temps are fine and also when I am playing it uses 30% of CPU and 50% CPU nothing too much but it stills get laggy.
  10. I get this really laggy gameplay 50-70 fps frames drops.
  11. Hello everyone, This is my pc : here I've been playing League of Legends and other games when I feel like sometimes I get 60 fps when I should get +144. People told me that the issue might be in the monitors. I have 2 of them, the AOC and a really old one +10 years old, the 1704 PVT , I can't even find a website with its information. Can someone help me ?
  12. Hello everyone, Yesterday I changed pc and now I dowloaded the HyperX NGENUITY(Beta) . This new software was reaally confusing and I couldn't set the profile keybinds, so I downloaded the old one and then when I turned on the pc today the lights didn't turn on and the profiles don't work (this is with old software). Can someone help me settting up different profiles on this keyboard (on both softwares) ? And why aren't the lights turning on when I turn the pc and only when I open de software ?