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  1. Wondering if you can get a hold of a founders edition graphics card in Belgium.

    Nvidia doesn't have any partners here it would seem. at least their place on the website that should have partners was empty.

    1. tikker


      It's already non-trivial to get any RTX 3000 series card here in Europe, let alone a FE model. In any case the FE will be exclusive to Nvidia's own site unless they decide on a Best Buy equivalent for Europe. I think ever since the end of last year getting an FE model in Europe is simply out of the question.

  2. So i bought some G.skill 2666 ddr4 memory sticks for my gaming rig, it has a ryzen 5-2600 16gb of said memory and i set the ram to run at 3133MHz, it's been running for a while without issues, the sticks don't really get warm. i'm basically worried about the lifetime of my ram here, is it bad to overclock them? i did not increase any voltage nor did i mess with any timings. i only selected in the bios to get the ram running in 3133MHz, i will link the ram sticks i bought here.



    1. FakeKGB


      Nah, it's fine.

      If it's not warm to the touch you're good - you have a 99.99% chance that the RAM will last longer than it will be useful for modern applications.

  3. So i'm wondering, i have a tight fit in my case between the gpu and psu cables, the cables that go to the gpu are crammed against the heat pipes of said gpu; i have an rx580, and a corsair vs550, will the gpu heat damage the cables? in long term perhaps? the gpu gets to about 80°C when i'm gaming on it. i have pictures but while uploading the forum errors out.
  4. here i am again, i just clean installed, and i won't be tinkering with anything malicious again ;)
  5. yeah okay, thanks for the information, (i love this forum, issue resolved within 5 minutes).
  6. allright, very thanks for this insight, i will now start reinstalling as i'm not willing to be a pirate. i will simply purchase a legit key as soon as i have the money for it. windows 10 will work unactivated right? appart from customization.
  7. okay then, guess i'ill reinstall then, and afterwards i'm buying my own key, straight from the windows store. guess i'ill take the L here.
  8. Since i don't want to be a pirate i'd rather go back is there a way to get rid of their activation service? windows says it was activated via a corporate activation service.
  9. so basically how this works is, they somehow get their hands on a corporate key, and they hand them out for free? also i had to do some commands, one of them included the webserver of their shady practice.
  10. Okay so basically what went down is as follows, i built a pc, i went to buy a windows key off of G2A, then the key woulnd't work as it has been used before (told by windows). then i came across a website 'msguides', so i'm wondering is what they're doing illegal? I mean i tried it and it did work, but am (unwillingly) a 'pirate' now? Or is there something malicious they're trying to do on my pc? Thanks for any response. If anything i'm doing here is off topic not allowed feel free to remove this topic, but tell me first as i have no clue.
  11. That is very true, i guess i'ill start saving for a new gpu in case it goes wrong somewhere.
  12. Yeah i know, i've always been carefull when dealing with dies and chips in general, and the screws have springs on them and a tightlock so you can't overtighten them. Lucky me i suppose
  13. Woops i already kinda threw them away, as i compared it to the gt1030 which didn't have any spacers and is also heatsink directly to the die
  14. Okay, thank you a lot, though i don't have much of another option, since i lost a rubber cube, though it makes sense that i doesn't like a lot of force, but if there aren't any other side effects, i guess i just handle it with care. Now it's just heatsink on the die i guess. If only i had some spare parts i guess.
  15. Okay, this may not be your everyday situation if you're handy. What ended up happening is as follows. I opened up my gtx1650 super, a ventus model from msi, and replaced the thermal paste. Next when i remounted the cooler it wasn't sitting straight. And i noticed one of the rubber cubes keeping the heatsink in place dropped. It was gone to the void. Is it okay to just remove the remaining 3 and screw the heatsink back in place? Current idea, replace the rubber by pieces of cardboard, the max temp of the gpu ever recorded was 83°C and if it starts smelling