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  1. I have fixed it mit tured out its normal when the system or the game reqiures more power than the power supply I went to my navida control pannel the power mangment was set on highest permormance I set it to optimal power it worked my battery didnt drain at all
  2. Im so thankful for your responds its alright I will fugier it out
  3. its 180w it says on the brick I have corei7 9thgen 16ram gtx1660ti my laptop is acer predetor 300 helios 2019
  4. Im using the orignal charger that came with it
  5. yeah its charging but while charging only on heavy games it drains
  6. its pluged in but still draining battery while gaming
  7. my battery is 100% on charger its draining 1% each 10mins or less dont know what to do help please
  8. I have put power mode on blanced also the maxiumn proceser state I put the pluged in on 99% its runing fortnite high settings on about 70 to 80 fps cpu tem is not getting over 83 and its stable but when I put the power mode on best performance the cpu temp gose upto 90s, I will keep it this way sadly in warezone I lose like 15 fps bettween blanced mode and best performace mode
  9. the laptop has been already been undervolted from the company and I saw youtube videos about this laptop the temps in it is super good while gaming it has really good fans also I dont think the problem is from the termal paste beacuse the laptop is new I have it for almost 4 month now
  10. yes but whats going is the cpu temp is going upto 91 and then 55 there is defintly something going on also when I have a game opened it gose from 80 to 95 up and down really fast
  11. around 60 -70 its not stable at all I cant tell
  12. I made these both on 99% and the power mode on blance performance it gose stable on 45 temp but I want it on best performance
  13. the laptop is perfectly cleaned I cleaned it also the laptop is new I have it for 4 month I tried few solutions they work but I want it to run as it were before on max performance
  14. @TofuHaroto yes but it dose not stay stable on 71 sometimes it gose upto 91 just suddnley and back to 55 to gose up and down I am consered if this is the right temp that is running at or its a glitch my cpu monutring its like zigzags beacuse of how fast it gose up and down