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  1. Hi i want to be able to edit videos (720p 30fps) if you could suggest to me a free editing software that can run (or walk) in my laptop Space : i3 3110u intel hd 4000 4gb ram i was thinking of older versions of DaVinci résolve because it's completely free but I don't know if it's gonna work
  2. I have a i3 3110u and Intel HD 4000 gpu and 4gb ram and I want to use DaVinci résolve i will be ok Evan with old versions, can I make it work? if not give me other free editing software that I can run with my system and don't have watermark like filmora.
  3. How i know that a mobo will run nvlink quadro

  4. But i Heard that it effact thé performance
  5. But i Heard that it effact thé performance
  6. Can someone help me understand the meaning of the memory rank because the explanations on the Internet are so complicated and the only thing that I understood is that there is a dual, quad and single rank, but I did not understand the difference