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  1. You do know how a speed governor works? It limits the speed to 80 kmh in this case. So, yes, if the speed limit is below 80, you still can go 80 and technically speed. The speed governor isn't some smart device that limits to the speed limit, it limits to a specific speed. Maybe in the future they will be smarter and adjust to actual speed limit. They are technically not supposed to pass each other in such situations and often there are signs posted. It isn't the lack of a law, it is the lack of enforcement.
  2. what do you define as truck? Not talking about pickup trucks. Real trucks. and what do you mean by speeding? Did you ever drive yourself there? I have many hours of annoying "Elefant races" of semi trucks. But never ever saw one significantly faster than 80 kmh. that governor really is enforced.
  3. All large trucks have had speed governors for many years. Probably since the 1990s. Maximum speed is 80 km/h (around 50 mph). The overtaking you observe is based on the one governor being a bit off, or on a hill the one truck having more horsepower. So instead of going a steady 80kmh, it could be one truck goes up a hill with 79 km/h, while the other takes over with 81 km/h. Obviously this takes forever on a 2-lane per direction autobahn. I wouldn't call going 81 speeding when 80 is the limit. They really only can speed if there is a construction site with lower speed limit. So speeding itsel
  4. +1 Except the GPU, the specs are lower than the old PCs I use just for Media PC to watch YT, Netflix on TV. If the GPU can do 4K, that is maybe what it could do. Someone who just browses and does some Word etc. could use it. Definitely not worth $250. And this is a PC for a noob. So any OS should be fully functional (activated). Someone smart enough to find a cheap key and activate, also is smart enough to see this system is not worth much. Hope you didn't pay actual $ for the hardware. Much is probably more a case for electronic recycling. If one part fails, yo
  5. I bet even under low load you want SOME airflow. It isn't only the chips with a heatsink and fan that need cooling, all capacitors, RAM etc. will need some cooling. Fans on low speed should be inaudible, if that is your concern. If they are not silent, there is a fan problem. Your PSU fan probably also always runs on a minimum speed. I don't know your board and software, but some don't allow zero flow for the reasons I stated. Fan motors also need a minimum voltage to start up or they could burn out if they draw some current, but don't move at all. So the
  6. Most surplus auction places let you look at the merchandise in person or may be able to answer questions. The real question is, why do you want to bid on a CRT? Even if they still work, they basically are a liability for transport and disposal cost. In most cases they require 2 people to carry, a huge piece of furniture to put on and are tiny and have rotten picture quality. They also wear out, so the picture will look much worse than when it was new. And they are power suckers. You could buy any energy Star certified LED display and just from power savings you could pay for that.
  7. You mean iOS also supports android apps and that is why it is a "must have" feature for W11? I can see how whattsapp could work better on a PC if you use it a lot. But AFAIK whattsapp is tied to a phone number. So that may or may not work. But this is a policy decision by FB, and they could enable browser operation of whattsapp. I read whattsapp is considering to allow use without phone. Home automation, you mean someone keeps the PC running 24/7 to run the HVAC system or surveillance cameras? But if it is a phone app, i assume it is severely limited due to the power req
  8. I'm a noob... so this may be a stupid question. But why is android app support important to you guys? All the (useful to me) apps on my phone really only work with phone hardware or only make sense on a mobile device. My PC doesn't have (or need) GPS, accelerator sensors, etc. and that is what most apps use. The apps that don't require the phone hardware, or only make sense on a hand-held device, are easily available in a windows version (browser, mail etc.). I'm sure I'm totally missing something here.
  9. I assume Tesla then owns chargepoint? Or is that some sort of promotional thing? Obviously someone has to pay for the infrastructure and the energy. Or is that part of the VW dieselgate settlement? I thought they were required to build a charger network...... The 0% and 100% is fuzzy since each car and battery manufacturer can set that to what they are comfortable with. They could only allow to charge up to 80% of what the battery physically can take, and tell you this is 100%. And they can let you discharge to 30% and call it 0%. IIRC some Teslas had the added range but the phy
  10. Free are only the Tesla chargers, no? And wasn't there some issue, that only the 1st owner gets the free charging? I thought they only did that some years back for the expensive Tesla, and not the newer cheaper ones (3 etc.). How much does it cost for a 3rd party charger that isn't subsidized by Tesla? Like $ per kWh? and can you just go to the charger with your credit card, or does it get paid through an app and you have to sign up? Honest question because I don't own an EV, and the actual cost of charging is a quiet topic. And I thought Tesla also has their own charging standard
  11. I didn't see the video.... just wanted to add that fast-charging is more a marketing thing to make you feel better abut long distance. Yes, you can fast charge at the nominal rate they tell you. But this heavily wears the batteries and should be avoided as much as possible. I don't remember the source, but I recall to have read Tesla et all actually reduce fast-charging speed after so many fast-charge cycles since they don't want the battery to degrade within the warranty period. Fast-charging is an option if you do it occasionally. But not frequently. Another gripe I have is the
  12. Nothing smart about this. If you are handy, you could take a Bluetooth speaker and insert it in a fan. Besides the lack of a reason to do that, I see at least these problems: - if your BT speaker stops working (i.e. doesn't support future BT standards etc.) you need to replace the fan that would have lasted 30 years. - you need to somehow turn off the speaker or find a way to not connect to your phone when you use other BT devices or someone else uses the bathroom and doesn't want to listen to your music while you are next door. - instead of a good fan (silent etc.) and a good
  13. You know, Walmart also sells regular brands in the store (and online). The Walmart-brands are just in addition. Like they have 5 brand-name cereals, and maybe 2 Walmart-brands. From a point who the seller (how to do returns etc.) is, it is all the same. So Walmart COULD sell a GPU as Walmart (in store, or online) without it being a special Walmart brand. Could be a regular Asus GPU etc. In the case the OP unearthed, they just chose not to and a 3rd party seller sells it. Walmart just takes a % or some other fee from the 3rd party and may, or may not, handle the shipping and credit
  14. When you buy from Walmart online you can filter by vendor. I always only buy there when Walmart is the vendor since that means I can pick it up locally for free, or don't pay shipping. And I assume if I don't like the item, I can just return it locally no questions asked like any other item bought at Walmart. I never buy from 3rd party since those seemed to add shipping, and returns likely are iffy since Walmart likely won't process them. Understandably. Walmart just provides the marketplace for them. Like a shopping mall center that rents out the stores, but you deal only with th
  15. I bet it is impossible (or at least impractical) to make an iGPU to be as powerful as a "real" GPU. There are thermal, electrical, space and RAM limits that all are resolved by using a separate graphics card. A CPU uses 100-200W, and then add the 200-300W for the GPU on the tiny die would require some really special cooling and power delivery. Even if they could make a CPU with a "good" iGPU, it would be hard to upgrade the GPU since that also requires CPU upgrade a the same time. And that CPU would then cost as much as a CPU and a dGPU combined and the user wouldn't have the econ