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  1. So long story short i bought a cheapo thermal pad that the seller said can be use for CPU, and last night i tried thermal pad. Before i use the thermal pad, the temp of the cpu and the gpu is around 30 to 45 degree, and after i use the thermal pad the cpu temp is increasing but i think its still acceptable around 40 to 50 degree. But when i try to apply it on the gpu, the temp is already at 60 degree when idle and when i tried to run portal 2 the gpu is thermal throttling way too fast and go to 100 degree in 3 second and my pc died immediately. After that its obvious i'm changing it back to th
  2. Thank you @EigenvektorMy disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined by the way that mean the file is straight to the bin then
  3. i dont know really much about this, but i was having quite same problem last month. And the problem is from the motherboard battery, im just curious that day what would happen if i change the battery and untill now i never facing any bsod again. sometimes the problem is right under your nose, but i dont know if that will work too for your pc but that is worth a shot i guess. hope it will worked, and i hope you can fix it very soon
  4. Is there a limitation in .exe extension ?, i just found a freeware (enigmavb) that can convert a normal installed program into a portable version. I got bored and try experimenting with the converter. I tried convert blender, portal, and vlc into portable version and they worked flawless except portal because when i use the steam version it won't work (obviously). And here is the problem, i tried to to convert a full instalation of assasins creed 4 + DLC (pirated version) and its converted succesfully into one gigantic executable file - 18GB of .exe file. And when i try to run it, it won't wor
  5. well thanks for the tips dude, i might considering rx580. I was thinking about that too because the price of AMD graphic is cheaper than Nvidia with almost the same performance, i would think of that. Thanks again, have great day kind stranger
  6. yes, i think i got wrong describing the problem, first the cpu will be upgrade with the motherboard too since nehalem and haswell have different slot, and my target gpu is 1050 ti at max because of the budget. my point to upgrade is how to stick to DDR 3 RAM as long as it possible because in my country DDR 3 compatible part is far cheaper than DDR4. I'm not really expecting to get any of RTX even the cheapest one because its for personal use and i don't need them (yet), maybe i'll get the RTX but not in this short time i'm so sorry for this
  7. I'm using this setup almost 5 years from now. core i3-540 GT 240 Samsung 4GB 1600Mhz this pc is very tough, almost every game that release below 2013 can run on this flawlessly 60 fps with medium setting (not all of them but average result is 60 fps at max even in low setting). and because recently new rtx is out, i'm considering to upgrade slowly from the gpu, and the next is upgrading the cpu to i5-4570 any recommedation that doesn't make any bottleneck to the next cpu ? (even though i really don't care about bottleneck in my since the old cpu will be u
  8. thank you for the enlightment sir, you are very kind
  9. well, i suggest him to do that because restore point can fix almost all problem, but unfortunately he does't turn on the restore point and end up asking me
  10. so short story, a friend of mine asking me for a favor. He show me a pic of his pc and he asking "why my files can't open and what is .geno ?", i said "that is a virus" he asked again "can you fix that ?" in my case of troubleshooting i never have a problem with ransomware before. question 1 : is there any way to decrypt the file ? question 2 : is fixing ransomware hard ? question 3 : will the file survive from the virus ? i will meet him in the end of this week, i hope someone can help me, thank you in advanced !
  11. well thanks for the information bro, appreciate it
  12. yes there is a keycap puller in the package and when i pull out one of the key, the keycap stem is like this : so there is no custom key for my keyboard except some DIY stuff ?
  13. I have a local brand keyboard NYK K-01, and i think the keycaps is pillar switches (just guessing). Does Anyone knows where to find some custom of pillar switches