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  1. Everything is working fine except no output and it shuts off then turns back on
  2. Well, I thought it worked but I didn't let it run for a little while and later when I was actually going to use it it runs for a little bit with no output but my mouse and keyboard are lit up then turns off and back on. @BlueScope819
  3. Another update, my mistake, I didn't remove the other cable from my sshd and when I did my PC worked fine! @BlueScope819 @AdamBGames
  4. As an update I had this problem when I was playing a game and my computer just turned off randomly and wouldn't turn back on no lights or anything and when I was troubleshooting I tried the paperclip method and my psu fan didn't spin so I decided to get a new one which now makes a clicking noise and the CPU light comes on but still turns off, I also tried with taking out ram and removing the data cable from my sshd, with no luck and I can confirm my power button works because I tried to manually start it by connecting the pins on the panel with a flathead but it does the same thing.
  5. Whenever I try to turn on my PC the CPU fans light flickers, the psu makes a clicking noise and the computer instantly turns off Specs: Threadripper 1920x 5700xt X399 Phantom Gaming 6 PSU : Seasonic USA Focus Plus 750 Watt 80 Plus Gold ATX Fully Modular Power Supply Ram : Gskill 8gb x 2 1TB SSHD 512GB M.2