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  1. I tried on Windows XP and it still only recognizes it as "USB DIGITAL STILL CAMERA"
  2. Hello, I just found an old toy camera from my childhood and wanted to see what pictures might be on it. When I plugged it in, Windows recognized it as "USB DIGITAL STILL CAMERA" but it couldn't find any drivers and so I couldn't see any pictures. I was wondering if there is any way to see pictures that could be on the camera. I'm not sure wether this belongs in this category or not, but since it has something to do with cameras I guessed it would fit. The Camera:
  3. Hello, A couple of days ago I got a Nintendo Switch (2019). But Yesterday it started to make a weird "cracking" noise when ever I start the console or play a game. I think is has something to do with the fan, because the fan is on when I hear the noises and it is off when I don't. Here you can hear the sounds (May need to turn up your volume) https://imgur.com/a/lkmexMB
  4. Hello, I recently wanted to connect my phone (samsung galaxy a71) to my windows 10 computer to transfer some files, but windows gave me an error saying the device could not be recognized. I've tried connecting another phone, which got recognized. I couldn't find alot of solution for my problem. I reinstalled windows last month and before doing so it always worked fine. And yes I tried looking for drivers but I couldn't find any.