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  1. Not pieces of %$@. Plugged the receiver into USB 3. Please state accusations AFTER proof.
  2. Plugged it into USB 3. Issue solved. Not garbage lmao, just unclear instructions, fire headset.
  3. I've reinstalled Synapse and drivers several times. I use it in wireless mode, and it sucks how every time someone speaks in a google meet the audio crackles. How would I fix this issue? It sucks because I spent 170 Canadian dollars on headphones. Edit- If it helps, the Game channel crackles more than the Chat channel.
  4. Not sure if this is allowed or not (given that this is an old thread), but I successfully bought a 1650 super asus phoenix from cdw.ca, they don't have much stock left though. Should be arrving soon.
  5. Found a 980 for about the same price. Do 980s have nvenc?
  6. Crap, what am I supposed to do then? Wait for another graphics card release? I need a GPU this christmas under 250 CAD with an nvenc encoder
  7. Is there a specific day for me to wait? Or do I keep refreshing the page every week or so?
  8. 1650 supers there are being sold for 300 CAD+ Way too much.
  9. Ok, I'm trying to order a 1650 super, but all of them are in BC and even though they say "free shipping Canada wide" they "don't ship to my billing address". I reside in Ontario, and no 1650 supers can ship there (except for the super expensive ones). What can I do? And, if I can't do anything about CC, are there any other stores that offer 1650 supers at MSRP?
  10. At 60? Planning to use just Sildur's basic shaders to record PvP on hypixel.
  11. HP z800 motherboard doesn't have overclocking support, so I'll need a custom bios, can't find one been looking for a year or so for a custom bios
  12. That's why I'm asking, I wanted to know if the single core performance from 10 years ago can record in 1080p 60 with shaders. I currently have fast render on in optifine, making it run on most cores so it gives me better performance, but with shaders fast render isn't compatible
  13. Well, what can I do? Those extra cores will help me in video editing and production