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  1. my parents dont allow me to buy anything and if i have a flashdrive to boot it from do i have to make logical drive on my raid card or does freenas do that? @paddy-stone
  2. my cpu's arent getting hot so thats not the problem and i also cleaned it
  3. Hey i had some old sas drives and put them in to my server but i want to run freenas of of 1 drive and use the rest of the drives for freenas storrage my question is do i have to make a raid setup of of my raidcard or in freenas because if i dont make a raid freenas download wont find my drive
  4. oke i think i am going with the strix b550f then
  5. MSI MPG B550 GAMING PLUS moederbord is this one a good option?
  6. is a b450f gaming a good choice for a ryzen 7 3700x ?
  7. i want to buy a RYZEN 7 3700x and i want to buy a b450f gaming from rog is it a good idee or should i go for a b550 or x570?
  8. i bought the server for 25$ and i never run the server for long so power is not a problem
  9. is there a option to make them spinn lower rpm because if i remove 1 fan the other once begin to spin 100% and the server will shutdown then i start it with 1 fan unpluged
  10. hey does anyone know how i can make my proliant dl380 g5 quieter thanks