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  1. If you don't want to backup the programs, then the inbuilt migration software will do the trick.
  2. Place secure measurement all around the house, so that you know you can defend yourselve should something happen. I sleep like a baby with the sword I placed under my bed, the torchlight and Swiss army knife on my bag, next to my bed.
  3. I use Filco, the one with blank keys. It's plain and simple, not flashy LEDs nor colorful strips, a keyboard what just works. Although I always wish it to have a USB port for mouse, and with braided cable.
  4. Been on this thread since 14:00, it's now 17:35. It has been a fun ride, sadly I've reach the end, and man oh man, you can talk. :Thumb The part about China? No, it has been like that for a long long time; The part about 'Murica? That depends on how you take it. Upon finish reading the thread, I have one more thing to say: LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! :flying-kiss
  5. You see, that's the problem I have with USA culture: why would word "black" be an offensive word? What should I describe my black classmate's race in University? African-British? What if they're not British? Should I asking their nationality every time I meet new friend who is black? If word "black" is indeed racially insensitive and offensive, then I shall declare that the word "yellow" is too, racially insensitive and offensive, because I'm an Asian, and my skin colour is yellow. I wouldn't even tell you that during my time in secondary school, I insist my Muslim friends to call me "
  6. Yes we do, but the Government is usually run by one of the major 3 parties, just don't ask me which 3.
  7. Nooooooooo!! Please, reading you two debating has been my entertainment for the last hour, please for the sake of me, KEEP DEBATING.P
  8. Consider white Americans doesn't admit that they're descendent of European colonizers, I would say that calling RACISM is spot on. What's more, GB should not be the one to get insults for the incompetence of the USA's government. Indeed, Britain didn't do so well for the last few years, but at least, the government weren't close down due to disagreement of 2 parties. To think one man alone can cause problem at such scale, USA is indeed a wonderful place. P.S.: USA =/= America. We don't call ourselves Kingdom just because we're UK.
  9. Medical bankruptcy is not uncommon in China. Guess you're too "Western" to notice that. Tis the freedom of 'Murica Edit: Changed "American" to "Western" to suite broader audience.
  10. while it speeds up the booting, day to day use are pretty much on par with other hdd with same rpm. i got mine from amazon uk and it come with the latest firmware at the time (2 years ago). it has since stayed in a modbook and dual booting osx lion and win 7 ult. however, at current pricing, it makes much more sense to get a 256gb+ ssd with way better overall performance.
  11. Defan is my first name, so Defan: elf with fang, aka. Delfang